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Manage Training Effectively

Admins can see everything they need to inform their people's learning behaviour.

They have access to time spent training, test results, progress %, courses completed, activity timelines and more. That data is also easily exportable as a CSV, but can also be viewed and exported as a training infographic. 

Adding users is a breeze, as is removing users, and you can split people into specific groups with specific course access, even receiving reports specifically about each group.

Your team, your brand

We offer a white-labelled version of our LMS, which we will amend to fit your company's style guide.

We can customise your instance via your company's logo, font, brand colours and imagery, so your people will feel at home and associate their growth with your work.

Branded LMS
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Our LMS lets you and your users communicate with one another through Discussions, a forum-like communication tool.

So whether senior management need to make an announcement about compliance training or an upcoming event, or your people just want to discuss their training and perhaps look for some help from their peers, the Discussions functionality enables all of that.

One size does not fit all

The research around learning techniques suggests that there is little statistical difference in memorization.

However, we understand that medium does play a significant part in retention, as some learners, for example, find videos more stimulating than text. Some like to learn on public transport during a commute, where reading an article is more normal. Others feel as though they get very little from work that isn't underpinned with hands-on exercises.

Well, we cater for everyone. Our courses combine text and video, as well as interactive polls, module-specific knowledge checks, downloadable exercises and pre and post-assessments.

We ensure learners of all types can get the most out of our courses.




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Tangible Progression

We use pre and post-assessments to give learners data on where they started, and where they ended up with Filtered training. We underpin this assessment-forward approach by ending every module with a knowledge check, so learners can really make sure they're properly absorbing what they've been looking at.

We have found that this greatly helps support business change, by giving team leads and account administrators a palpable idea of where their reports are versus where they need to be.

We keep engagement high

You can "gamify" your eLearning experience to keep users engaged and motivated throughout their training. To do that, we offer some of the most popular and "battle-tested" gamification techniques:

  • Points
  • Badges
  • Levels
  • Leaderboards
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Got an LMS but need content?

Our courses are available via SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 and xAPI. So if you have an LMS or LXP, but you just have a gap you want Filtered to fill, then we will help.

Our team comes with a host of technical knowledge and experience you'd be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. They love getting their hands dirty with complex integrations, just as much as straightforward ones!

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brooke icaew
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"L&D had not been created as a continuous activity. Training was often one off interventions with the impact difficult to measure. Filtered has helped us change that in a short period of time. The cultural change it has driven in terms of reinforcing an expectation of continuous learning at all levels is the biggest achievement to me."
Kay Boycott
Chief Executive, Asthma UK
"We partnered with Filtered because we liked the idea of learners being able to tailor resources based on their knowledge gaps. The quality of reporting data provided allowed us to calculate an ROI of £1.80 for every £1 invested in a licence."
Fiona Coghiel
Learning and Development Consultant, City & Guilds Group
"We partnered with Filtered because of the quality and focus of the product. Our favourite three features are the ability to filter out unnecessary modules, the mix of learning methods, and the company dashboard which provides a quick overview of the progress of our members."
Richard Anning
Head of IT Faculty, the ICAEW

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