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Content Chaos is your greatest opportunity

The unmitigated growth and poor management of learning content over the years have led to mass confusion and a considerable drain on L&D resources. We call this Content Chaos.

In a digitised world, Content Chaos is draining L&D’s budget, undermining its reputation and clogging its systems. When people rely on digital content, it’s no longer acceptable to have no way of indexing it. L&D is like the internet pre-Google.

"Amid the chaos caused by the proliferation of digital learning content, there is a growing need to move from more to less, from quantity to quality and relevance, and from catalog provision to delightful discovery."

- The Josh Bersin Academy, 'Content Intelligence AI-Powered Insights on Learning Content’.

Content intelligence - bringing order to chaos


Filtered’s Content Intelligence is a platform that helps businesses make smarter decisions in managing learning content aligned to their custom skills and enables the curation and distribution of learning pathways swiftly at scale.

We are trusted by large organisations such as AstraZeneca, P&G and GSK to support the ever-shifting learning needs of their workforce.

41% cost reduction

AstraZeneca saw a 41% reduction in content spend and procurement costs.

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90% result relevance

A global bank boosted the relevance of LXP search results from 10% to 90%.

Hours saved

Novartis saved 5000 hours annually on curation.

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The missing link in the L&D ecosystem


Content Intelligence is the culmination of Filtered’s 10-year journey of developing technology and generating data to adapt, curate, recommend and evaluate content.

It is also a vital part of the L&D ecosystem that has largely been overlooked - until now.

Ci in the ecosystem
Content relevance

Surface the most relevant content in your learning platforms

Improve discoverability by increasing relevant LXP search results from 10% to 90% to reinvigorate the user experience.

Justify decisions

Justify procurement decisions with confidence and prove the value of content libraries

Make data-driven content procurement decisions and save 30% of your misaligned content spend to reinvest in skills development.

Curate highly

Curate highly relevant learning pathways swiftly and at scale

Curate relevant content 10x faster and get the best of it to the right people to build the skills they need.

Your learning budget and resources are too important to gamble with

Content Intelligence can help you make smarter, data-driven business decisions to justify your L&D spend. Plus, you can find, curate and distribute the most relevant content 10x faster.

Content Chaos