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Work is how humanity gets things done.

We help do it better.


The company was started by three founders, Marc, Chris and Vin, who felt that learning was inefficient. Most people don’t need to know most things. So large, overwhelming libraries have little positive impact. Instead, what’s important is that people find learning content which is useful for them. And so the decade-long history of the company is a journey through content, diagnostics, assessments, recommendations, curation, algorithms and machine learning techniques. The product we sell is magpie, a recommendations engine for business change.

Today, we are 30, based in Shoreditch, London, helping individuals and companies to be more productive. We like to think we’re a kind, considerate, multicultural, multi-talented, thoughtful team with a passion for learning. And we’re always on the look-out for like-minded, like-spirited people, so please check our Careers page if this sounds like your kind of place.

Abdul Rafi

Software Tester

Alex Trica

Head of Development

Amanda Green

Finance and Operations Manager

Analyn Pelayre

Enterprise Relationship Manager

Anna Weber

Customer Success Manager

Ben Laycock

Head of Sales

Billy Roberts

Marketing Executive

Brooke Young

Events Manager

Chandan Vagdia

Finance Assistant

Chris Littlewood

Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

Courtney Barnard

Client Relationship Manager

Emmanuel Ndibe

Front-end Engineer

James Tyas

Principal Sales Engineer

James Wann

Head of Creative

Juan D'Achiardi

Head of Product

Katarzyna Szkopkowska

Senior Implementations Manager

Kostas Vogiatzis

Machine Learning Engineer

Lee Wardman

Business Development Manager

Matilde Castanheira

Data Scientist

Matthew Aldridge

Brand Manager

Natalia D'Achiardi

Account Manager

Phil Cowans

Chief Product Officer

Rob MacAllister

Head of Customer Success

Sam Franklin

Head of Marketing

Tara Padfield

Business Development Manager

Toby Harris

Head of Solutions

Tom Aisthorpe


Tom Jennings

Senior DevOps Engineer

Victor Barbu

Machine Learning Engineer

Victor Sesma

Software Engineer

Vinit Patel

Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer