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How to make the most of being part of Filtered

Filtered's mission is to filter the right content, for the skills people really need.

That means doing everything we can to give our clients the best return on their L&D spend by being curious, considerate and thoughtful, with a passion for learning and solving complex challenges.

Of course, when doing that, no set of guidelines can take all or even many real-life situations into account. This is a loose guide. But when in doubt, ask yourself, what’s in the company’s best interests here?

Here are five behaviours and values which are especially important to us at Filtered.

Our Values:

  1. Straightforwardness: presume trust, be honest and transparent, get to-the-point, articulate what you really think

  2. Standards: establish sensible processes; give and expect clear instruction; strive for excellence

  3. Collaboration: be open and kind; be informal but also respectful & responsive

  4. Energy: galvanise, have a go, learn, take calculated risks

  5. Thinking: focus on the right things, take thinking seriously

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