What good looks like


How to make the most of being part of Filtered

Filtered's mission is to filter the right content, for the skills people really need.

That means doing everything we can to give our clients the best return on their L&D spend by being curious, considerate and thoughtful, with a passion for learning and solving complex challenges.

Of course, when doing that, no set of guidelines can take all or even many real-life situations into account. This is a loose guide. But when in doubt, ask yourself, what’s in the company’s best interests here?

Here are ten behaviours and values which are especially important to us at Filtered.

1. Have and show integrity; expect trust

  • Be honest (includes not exaggerating).
  • State facts, then your opinion, then a plan.
  • Know that you are trusted to make good decisions and do good work.
  • Have a care for and take an interest in your colleagues’ development.
  • Gossip isn’t good.

2. High standards require sensible processes

  • We’re building something that the world doesn’t yet have and that’s hard.
  • Do meetings well. Who really needs to be there? What’s the agenda? What’s the follow-up? Stick to time.
  • Commit to deadlines. Hit them. Exceed them occasionally
  • Stick to agreed guidelines like our WFH policy (one day a week)
  • Coasting in your duties is not sustainable for you or the company and negatively impacts wider team morale. Evaluate yourself and look out for colleagues.
  • How you dress or speak is barely relevant to doing a good job.
  • We all lead different lives across the company and the 9-6 flexes for almost everyone. Just do the work well.

3. Be respectful, to everyone

  • Maintain a high, healthy level of respect for everyone.
  • Provide constructive criticism on work that you feel is not up to scratch, but find a way to detach emotion. 
  • Be open to such constructive criticism.
  • Be approachable and generous with your time to help and train and coach. We are a learning company!
  • Be respectful to everyone in the team/clients/suppliers - however young, old, experienced, confident they may or may not be.

4. Collaborate productively and harmoniously

  • Be straightforward. Say things you mean and express the intended purpose.
  • Respond! If you are tagged in a message on Slack, respond somehow.
  • Disagree. If you disagree, you have a duty to speak up (and do so respectfully).
  • Be sensitive. We are a diverse group with diverse beliefs. When talking about potentially sensitive topics, be mindful of others.
  • Be inclined towards realistic positivity.
  • Listen attentively.
  • Pay compliments frequently but sparingly. Mean it.
  • When managing. Adapt your style to the characters within your team. Don’t micro-manage. But also guide usefully - don’t under-manage. There is a balance.

5. Be galvanised, galvanise!

  • Believe in the Filtered mission (how would you articulate it?) and be excited by it.
  • Take pride in what we’re doing together.

6. Focus on what’s important

  • Focusing in on what’s most important is part of the DNA of the company.
  • That has always been the approach we took with content from our very first Excel course onwards.
  • And it is, of course, what magpie is all about: an algorithmic content prioritisation.
  • So find a systematic way to focus on the high value work whether that's timeboxing or 80:20 or simply a broad awareness that this is a determining factor in the value you bring. 

7. Take thinking seriously

  • Thinking is kind of vital. Give your brain the time and space it needs to do this well.
  • Mute notifications for important or deep work.

8. Have a go

  • Test ideas and iterate.
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel; borrow great ideas from other organisations.
  • Use your initiative.
  • Be brave; this document is proof you will be supported in your bravery!

9. Learn and enjoy learning

  • Learning is beneficial
  • Learning is enjoyable
  • Learning can be hacked to be far more efficient.
  • This is why the company exists, why it was founded.
  • We should always have an answer to: what did you just learn?
  • And ideally to: how do you think you can apply it?

10. Be a lot more open than closed

  • Be relaxed and share good thinking with the outside world.
  • Very occasionally we might get stung – a company steals an idea or a pricing plan or some other ‘trade secret'.
  • But far more often you will be viewed favourably, as someone to engage meaningfully and freely with.

Does this sounds like you? Apply to join the Filtered fam.