How P&G’s European L&D Leader uses magpie

Case study

Francesco Mantovani is the European Learning and Development Leader for Procter and Gamble. We sat down with him to talk about his learning strategy - and how magpie is changing the game.

Watch to discover:

  • How P&G structures its learning strategy
  • How it’s preparing its leaders for the future
  • How magpie is raising engagement and triggering curiosity
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magpie for L&D analytics

Case study

One of magpie’s most valuable features is the actionable insights it generates from user data.

We brought that analysis to bear on the industry itself’s learning activities using magpie for L&D.

Discover how your peers are learning in our latest case study.


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Data-driven learning strategy deep dive from Girlguiding and Filtered

Seminar slides

In 2019, Girlguiding and Filtered commenced a pilot implementation of magpie. An overarching aim of the pilot was to gather hard data to support the learning strand of Girlguiding’s digital transformation initiative. This data is informing strategic decisions about the next steps to take on this journey and you can read some of the takeaways in this presentation from Learning Live 2019.

MCI Case Study, 2019

How MCI integrated its learning ecosystem

Case Study

Over the past ten years, MCI Group has evolved its L&D offering from an ad-hoc local model
into a rich ecosystem of face-to-face programmes, academies and digital resources, all under 
the umbrella of the MCI Institute. 

You can discover how Filtered helped MCI to unify and further ameliorate their learning ecosystem in our case study. 

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Reach learning


How Reach is future-proofing its workforce

Case Study

In the face of a rapidly evolving media sector, Reach must continuously future-proof its workforce by helping them to adapt to constant change.

Discover how, by implementing magpie as the keystone of its learning ecosystem, Reach was able to embed a data-driven approach to learning and development and raise engagement across the board.


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Royal Mail learning

L&D transformed: learning recommendations at Royal Mail

Case Study

Many of the issues that L&D face such as too much content, poor analytics, small teams, tight budgets and upskilling leaders for digital transformation were also faced by Royal Mail when they introduced magpie.

Royal Mail addressed these challenges by engaging their employees with an intelligent learning recommendations engine and curated content.

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L&D transformed: learning recommendations at Royal Mail

Microsoft Teams (Part III): putting magpie into the flow of work

Blog Post

Here is the third part of our series on Microsoft Teams. In this one, see how together with MCI Institute, MCI Group’s Learning and Development Centre of Excellence, we’ve been developing a use case for integrating magpie into Teams and how we're planning to turn the learning in the flow of work vision into a reality.

From personalisation to learning in the flow of work: AI-based learning recommendations at MCI

From personalisation to learning in the flow of work: AI-based learning recommendations at MCI

Webinar Recording

Since summer 2018, MCI has been working closely with Filtered to pilot and deploy its learning recommendation engine, magpie, as part of a larger learning ecosystem.

Join MCI Group’s Global L&D Director Avinash Chandarana, our Head of Success Rob MacAllister, and Solutions Consultant James Tyas to find out about how MCI and Filtered curated content and deployed AI-based learning recommendations to a global audience. Watch now.