How Snow Software cut through the noise with AI-powered content curation

By Ross Stevenson

2 minute read

With so much content, it’s hard for end users to know what’s right for them.

This is a challenge that all modern L&D teams face. Our own data tells us that organisations with between 800 - 1000 employees can have up to 128,000 assets to use. Now doing that is no easy task, for a human, anyway.

We sat down with Helen Haynes and Nick Halder from Snow Software to explore their approach to connecting their users with the right content.

About Snow Software
With over 3,000 customers and 800 employees (Yetis). The world’s largest enterprises and most trusted institutions use Snow to optimize their software, applications, hardware and cloud investments.

The challenge

The team at Snow have access to over 89,000 learning assets!

This includes in-house content from the Snow team, curated content provided by Filtered and popular libraries such as GetAbstract, HBR and Linkedin Learning.

So, their users had lots to choose from. The problem was that engagement with this content was low.

“We had pockets of learning culture but a general lack of engagement. We needed to change this.” Helen Haynes, Director of Global L&D shared.

Test and learn

The team were focused on trying something new.

They started running a series of experiments to monitor user engagement across different channels.

Snow’s Senior Talent Director, Nick Halder told us:

“We tried a number of engagement strategies.

Traditional options like our LMS, of course. We tested curated content drops in Teams too. We found that it was the same 5% of people sharing learning. 

Our challenge was to break through to the 95%. 

That’s when the curated newsletter idea came into play.”

Embracing AI curation

Snow has a lean L&D team (you might be the same).

That means they just didn’t have enough time to assess all their content. It would be a nightmare and a huge cost to both time and resource cost.

They wanted to find a smarter way to curate at speed and scale.

That’s when they gave the Filtered team a call.

The power of our AI platform would enable the team to curate their best content in minutes. Saving them from the nightmare of hours or even days of manual work in the process (you have to love technology, right?).

Director of Global L&D, Helen Haynes captured the essence of this efficiency sharing, “Before Filtered, we simply couldn’t curate easily around programmes and events. Now we have those resources at our fingertips.”

Nick Halder, Senior Talent Director added, “I think of Filtered like Google. Except it’s showing you the relevance of your content. It’s like a shortcut that gives you a neatly prioritised shortlist of your content”.

The result

The team were able to generate engagement through hyper-specific curated newsletters dropped straight into user's mailboxes.

  1. Specific performance boosting content straight to 800 inboxes.
  2. Real-time education on strategic topics.
  3. Increased adoption of libraries including GetAbstract.

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