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Develop and maintain a skills framework

Develop a practical and maintainable skills framework that reflects business goals, the future of work and your organisation's unique characteristics..
Find right skills
Create custom skills with custom definitions, leveraging gen AI
Organise skills
Organise skills into custom skill groups to support your roles and capabilities
Maintainable Skills
Integrate any skill framework or startwith our Skills Palette
Draft Skills
Feed in demand data from system usage and top-down data from business strategy
Integrate Skills
Update the framework as often as you want as new topics and skills emerge

“Filtered takes competencies and skills we want in the business and intelligently provides learning recommendations at the individual level."

Peter Manniche Riber

Head of Digital Learning &Analytics, Novo Nordisk

Connect the learning experience across your HR tech

Get your learning ecosystem speaking the skills language that reflects business priorities, by tagging learning content with the skills the organisation needs.
Keyword searches on titles and descriptions are not helpful to understand the difference between leading remote teams and Microsoft Teams. Top class search requires an exceptional tagging system.
Improve discoverability by increasing relevant LXP search results from 10% to 90% to reinvigorate the user experience. Then mirror that experience in your talent marketplace.
Create tags relevant to custom-defined skills and common search terms. Use content recency, type and length to untag individual assets in out
Push those tags into Degreed LXP, making integrations with talent marketplaces like Eightfold and Phenom easy
Ensure the same content is lined between the same skills in your LMS, LXP and talent marketplace
Tag for popular search terms to improve the search experience
Illustration of content partner sync

“I had 70,000 or 80,000 content items available across different partners, it was overwhelming. When I started working with Filtered, I realised there are better ways to do it. Using technology and algorithms we were able to focus on the right pieces of content for different skills."

Martin Peart

People Effectiveness Director, GSK

Curate learning pathways for all your core roles and skills

Define and deliver playlists or pathways of content targeted at learning needs in a way that is cost effective, sustainable and empowering to your team.
How about pathways that build themselves automagically?

Our intuitive interface allows curators to select the best content in seconds and add it to a pathway so they can focus on creating useful context.

Filtered+ adds a generative-AI assistant to create your pathway structure and contextualise each of your learning assets for you.

Find Skill
Find the best of your content for a skill in seconds
Curate by skill, recency, type, length for pathway that your people will love
Cut the time-to-curate from hours to minutes and widen the pool of SME curators
Publish pathways directly into Degreed or export as a CSV
Easily share via email, Teams or Slack by copy-pasting a formatted pathway
Degreed API integration to import, export tags and publish Pathways
Illustration of pathway content recommendation

"We're building a skills development platform where our members can go to figure out what their skills are, understand their skill gaps and access recommendations and training pathways to help them upskill or reskill. We rely on Filtered heavily from the curation perspective. I work with Filtered every other week: we have conversations about the best way to streamline our curation process. We're working right now with a vendor which has 40,000 courses so we really do rely on Filtered because we need to filter it down. Filtered is super important for us. Using Filtered, it's 10x faster to curate a meaningful learning pathway"

Salah Bazina

Sr. Researcher (Content Development Lead), PIPSC

Rationalise your library spend with content value analysis

Analyse your content library, and alternatives, to understand how well it's meeting your skills needs and where the mix could be improved.
Large organisations invest millions in licences for third party content. How well does this investment perform?

Until now, it’s not been easy to answer. Every vendor has its own dashboard and ROI claim. How do you be objective?
Filtered centralises all of these content libraries, aligns the metadata and applies relevance tagging for any topic or skill framework.

The result is a report identifying libraries that overlap in terms of skill coverage and format. This insight enables you to make decisions that save hundreds of thousands.

A full, integrated view of all of your third party content libraries. Free up 30% of misaligned content spend and reinvest into skill development
Assess libraries for their fit against your custom skills at a glance. See an objective benchmark, tailored to your organisational preferences
Benchmark libraries against skills and run content data against skills to understand strengths, gaps, and possible overlap.
Refocus content library procurement based on your organisation’s priority skills. Cut out duplicate and misaligned content.
Assess existing libraries versus the wider content marketplace. Find the best libraries for your organisation. Negotiate with strength.

"We’re delighted with the outcome of the full market review using Content Intelligence. We have measurably more relevant content, an improved choice of format, duration and languages for our people. At the same time we are making an annual saving of 41% of our considerable external content budget."

Rosemary Hoskins

Global Capability Lead, AstraZeneca

Unleash Generative AI in your learning ecosystem

Say goodbye to traditional, time-consuming processes and step into a world of rapid curation and advanced semantic search. With Filtered's unparalleled features, you can experience the true potential of generative AI while enjoying risk-free adoption.

Inter-language tagging with 16 supported languages. eg, a French skill definition tags content in 15 other languages


Secure access control via user roles, groups and permissions


ISO27001 certified with regular penetration tests


Hosted securely in Amazon Web Services

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