There’s no point if it doesn’t integrate

We get it. This is how Filtered integrates into your existing ecosystem:

  • Single sign-on integration via SAML2 and OpenID
  • Open developer API to integrate into any website or app
  • Fully supported integrations for email and Microsoft Teams
  • JSON reporting data sent into any LRS or data warehouse
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The Filtered integration strategy

Not only is introducing another platform sometimes difficult to sell to your company, it can also be deemed a security risk. Filtered is supported by enterprise-grade SSO and an API that enables you to put our features - user unique user profiles and goals, recommendations and bookmarked content - directly into the platforms that are already deployed in and deemed secure by your company. If it’s important, we can support your developers to build any new type of integration.

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average save on annual content spend with Content Intelligence


faster than human curation, with higher accuracy. 1000s of hours saved.


learning campaign engagement rates to industry average.


of our recommendations are marked useful


of users spend more time developing targeted capabilities


of users have applied a Filtered recommendation to improve their work

The most important integration: the inbox

Filtered is a specialist in email engagement campaigns. It's how we earned and monetised over one million users for our AI-powered Excel course. Now we apply those skills to help you drive engagement with your most important initiatives. We deploy custom sequences of personalized emails to drive adoption and recapture users who fall off. Those emails routinely achieve 80% open rates and 40% click-through rates. 


Push notifications for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is an integral part of the digital transformation and personal effectiveness strategy for nearly every large organisation. It’s also Microsoft’s fastest-growing software since Outlook. Integrating your own training technologies directly into Teams puts you in the same corner as IT - a good place to be!

That’s why Filtered has prioritised native support for integrating with this application. The Filtered LXP - Teams integration isn’t just a bot that signposts you to our web-application. It’s a sequence of notification and recommendation messages that is just as custom to your organisation as our personalised email sequences.

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Reporting data 

All events in Filtered (that’s every click) are sent as reporting data into Tableau dashboards that are updated weekly for our clients and form the basis of customised quarterly business reviews that help you answer strategic questions.


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