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Sync skills with content

Skills are a mess - jumbled and scattered across learning and talent management systems with zero alignment. We help you create and apply evidence-informed, appropriate definitions of skills to your content at scale.

This consistent tagging saves 30%-40% of your spending on learning content, makes content discoverable in learning systems and massively speeds curation.

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Josh Bersin

Content intelligence is a powerful solution for streamlining content, engaging learners with the most relevant content, and maximizing ROI on learning.

Josh Bersin

Global Industry Analyst

Rosemary Hoskins

"Content relevance analysis provided striking results, informing the decision to conduct an in-depth market analysis before committing to new multiyear contracts for learning content libraries."

Rosemary Hoskins

Global Capability Lead, AstraZeneca

Martin Peart, GSK

'I had 70,000 or 80,000 content items available across different partners, it was overwhelming. When I started working with Filtered, I realised there are better ways to do it. Using technology and algorithms we were able to focus on the right pieces of content for different skills.'

Martin Peart

People Effectiveness Director, GSK

Avinash Chandarana

“Filtered help connect the dots of L&D resources using AI and machine learning - personalizing great content for our talent.”

Avinash Chandarana

Global L&D Director, MCI Group

Nicole Stead - Heineken

‘The Filtered platform really helps us to improve the overall learning experience in a way that, in Heineken, we have never been able to do before."

Nicole Stead

Global Digital Learning Lead, Heineken

Binda Patel, Sutton Trust

“We wanted to leverage the technology offered by Filtered to provide a really personalised journey for our students. It's incredibly smart how much their technology improves the more our students interact with it."

Binda Patel

Head of Innovation, The Sutton Trust

Dr Nalayini Thambar, University of Nottingham

"I can’t begin to tell you how pleased I am that Filtered has launched at Nottingham and how grateful we are for your work and patience as we worked through the implementation."

Dr Nalayini Thambar

Director of Careers and Employability

Donald H Taylor

"Filtered represents the future, actually the present, of AI in learning."

Donald H Taylor

Chairman, The Learning and Performance Institute

Peter Manniche-Riber

"Filtered takes competencies and skills we want in the business and intelligently provides learning recommendations at the individual level."

Peter Manniche Riber

Head of Digital Learning, Novo Nordisk

Francesco Mantovani

“Filtered's passion, flexibility and beta mindset are an example of how we want to work with partners. Thanks for making marvelous things with us and for us!”

Francesco Mantovani

Global Talent Development, Procter & Gamble


  • Refocus content library procurement based on your organisation’s priority skills
  • See an objective benchmark, tailored to your organisational preferences
  • Free up 30% of misaligned content spend and reinvest into skill development

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Content Intelligence Spend Better


  • Find the best of your content for a skill in seconds
  • Curate by skill, recency, type, length for playlists that your people will love
  • Cut the time-to-curate from hours to minutes and widen the pool of SME curators

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curate faster


  • Clear out the learning gunk that clogs up your LXP and boost user engagement
  • Increase relevant LXP search results from 10% to 90% so your people can find what they’re looking for
  • Make it easy for your administrators to keep the LXP as fresh as Day One

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