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Work smarter with your content strategy 

You spend a lot of money buying content to help your employees learn and develop their skills, and on the people who curate it.

Do you feel sure that money and time is well spent? Do you have the data to show that your content covers all the skills you need?

Content Intelligence has helped some of the biggest, highest-performing companies in the world save hundreds of thousands of dollars and plug gaps in the content they offer.

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average save on annual content spend with Content Intelligence


faster than human curation, with higher accuracy. 1000s of hours saved.


learning campaign engagement rates to industry average.


of our recommendations are marked useful


of users spend more time developing targeted capabilities


of users have applied a Filtered recommendation to improve their work

Solve content overload

Content libraries cost large organisations upwards of £200,000 per year. For global enterprises, that figure often reaches £1m+. The decisions to buy or renew these libraries are currently based on inertia and inheritance, bias-prone user feedback, analyst opinions and engagement or effectiveness data which is produced by the vendors themselves.

Content Intelligence is the indispensable service to cut through this noise, make data-driven content procurement decisions and speed up time-consuming curation activities. It’s time to take the bias out of buying learning content.

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Make data-informed decisions

Ask – and get an answer to – the right questions. Will the consumption of this content support your skills strategy or is it a distraction? Where can free web-based content serve you just as well as paid content? You have your opinion. Prove it with hard, skill-based data. Make sure your content decision passes the test of time, experience and scrutiny.

We evaluate content libraries against an objective skills framework for your organisation. For enterprises, we produce detailed reporting on:

  • Which content libraries provide the best value for your specific skills framework
  • Where content overlaps and redundancies are costing you money
  • Actionable insights to apply to your learning strategy
  • Evidence-based leverage for your contract negotiations
  • How distinctive different offerings are, and generate data-backed action points to take into contract negotiations.

On average, our customers reduce their content spend by 30% and produce a library of impeccably tagged content at 10x the speed of human curators.

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Build the skills you really need

Content Intelligence turns skill definitions into lists of accurately tagged content that reads the content itself - not just the title. The expertise that allows one curator to select 10 of the best pieces of content for a skill is scaled to 100,000 assets from the world’s leading websites and content libraries.

The technology comes pre-programmed with 100 skills in eight key capability areas, or you can add skills from your own framework, which we can help you design. You then choose your focus skills and the content vendors you want to include. The system instantly produces an analysis of the relevance of those vendor libraries and every asset within them against every skill.

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