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You don’t need tens of thousands of pieces of content. You need the right content: relevant to your business goals, useful for your people. Our content intelligence determines relevance and usefulness from:

  • Existing content vendors
  • Internally-created materials
  • Free articles, videos and podcasts
  • Social shares and communities
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Work smarter with your content strategy 

Filtered has developed a completely new way of curating content with content intelligence. In weeks, rather than months, we can analyse all of your existing content libraries and proprietary content, assess them for relevance and quality, benchmark against other libraries and other free resources, and then re-tag it to make it usable in Filtered as well as your existing platforms and programmes. 

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of our recommendations are marked useful


of users spend more time developing targeted capabilities


of users have applied a Filtered recommendation to improve their work

It starts with a good skills framework

We build them from our benchmark datasets to prioritise a set of tags based on your role distribution, your organisational strategy and the threats or opportunities on the horizon.

Then the machine learns

We filter your libraries through your skills framework using our family of content intelligence algorithms. 

Various algorithms with different degrees of human influence numerically score and rank your learning assets in your learning technology (LXP) by relevance to each skill as well as overall quality. 

With this information, you can draw out the content your business actually needs and get rid of the distractions - leaving only productive content ready to be personalised.


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Granular data, big picture

Our content intelligence insights do more than provide your business with the learning it needs. By aggregating the scores, you can get a bird's eye view of your entire content provision. You can find out where skills gaps are and fill them. 

At the same time, you can cut the slack by comparing providers - see which are worth the money, and which aren't. The data can even help negotiate content providers into better fulfilling your needs. Clients have saved a third of their content spend doing this. 

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The data doesn't stop post-launch

Once the content is uploaded to Filtered we’ll generate constant feedback data on its relevance, usefulness and quality. This data on what works and what doesn’t is the advantage that enables our clients to stay on top of the endless stream of new content that is being added by vendors, produced internally or published on the web.

Our data tells you exactly what you need, making weekly and quarterly updates manageable. Crucially, we convey our thinking and insights in Quarterly Business Reviews and using a detailed, market-leading Quarterly Business Report.

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