How to use data to get the best return on your L&D spend

By Rob MacAllister

1 minute read

The majority of L&D departments say they ‘cannot use data effectively due to L&D lacking in-house data skills’. For an industry obsessed with upskilling, that’s a damning indictment. 

How can you make strategic decisions, optimise spend and prove impact without it? Completion rates don’t cut it.

Catch up on our Learning Live session to find out how we’re helping companies like GlaxoSmithKline, Danone and Heineken make data-informed learning strategy decisions that:

  • Drive user engagement
  • Prove business impact
  • Identify opportunities for content optimisation
  • Uncover the truths behind learners wants and actual behaviour

It’s time L&D learnt how to use data in the right way. Let's go! 👇


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Get the best return on your L&D spend.