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We know you’re probably sick of LT blogs by now, so we’ll keep it brief. We sponsor the thing, so we’re obliged to do this.


Worthwhile things to watch out for

  • Our seminar, with Ajay Jacob and Rob MacAllister discussing leadership development and digital transformation with AI and Teams (12/02, 12:30, T1)
If you use Microsoft Teams in your org you 100% can’t afford to miss this one. Even if not, it’ll be super useful.

  • Friend of Filtered Francesco Mantovani’s seminar on AI and recommendations

Will represent one of the most cutting edge explorations of the topic.

  • A session on how to choose the right learning technology vendor with Helen Smyth of Sainsbury’s and Amanda Nolen of NilesNolen

Choose us, obviously.

Capability development in the channels people actually use? Sick.

  • Buzzword bingo - grab a card, cross off every overhyped buzzword you hear, get a free beer at the end of a long day

And a refreshingly buzzword-free chat with the #filteredfam


Conference attendees can also gain access to an exclusive delegate networking event on the eve of the show by entering details here. Limited places remain and are going fast.

See you there!

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