Get results that matter - align with your org’s change programme

By Marc Zao-Sanders

1 minute read

Most people don’t care at all about the platforms and content L&D buys for them. If you want to make any impact on these people you’ll need to align what you’re doing with what your company and they really care about.

CEOs care about and are responsible for large-scale business change. Individuals care about it too because it catalyses their careers. This is the important, focused hook L&D needs. And here’s how to grab onto it, with or without Filtered.

We don’t have all the answers but we have some. Catch-up on our latest webinar hosted by Marc Zao-Sanders, CEO and Sam Franklin, Head of Marketing as we chatted about channelling change by:

  • Building relevant skills frameworks
  • Unearthing the best content
  • Getting the right data
  • Bringing it all into the flow of work
  • Finding the right champions and stakeholders

We also dug into some of the data from our recent change and transformation survey. Almost 100 people development professionals filled it in and there are a ton of juicy takeaways to compare with your department to see if you’re taking it in the right direction.

You can catch up on the full webinar here:

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