A masterclass in curating learning pathways and playlists

By Kata Szkopkowska

1 minute read

Closing skill gaps means people can do things better and your business achieves more. But, in the ocean of learning content, how can you ensure that people can find and engage with the right content? That they make sense of it and enjoy the learning journey?

The answer is a learning pathway: a rich, diverse, cohesive and enlightening learning journey that stitches together exceptional learning assets and have a transformative impact on both professional and personal lives.

Easier said than done? Not necessarily!

Join me for a masterclass in curating learning pathways and playlists to learn what process you should follow to achieve you and your team's business goals.

During the next 45 minutes, we will cover:

  • how to understand your learning objectives
  • how to gather and analyze your content effectively
  • how to fine tune your content selection and apply an intuitive structure to it
  • how to share it successfully with your team

Enjoy the learning!


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