Expert roundup: Biggest Challenges with Content - Part 2

By Kathryn Cornwell

2 minute read
 “My gut feeling about sequels is that they should be premeditated: You should try to write a trilogy first or at least sketch out a trilogy if you have any faith in your film.” - the great philosopher, Vin Diesel

I agree, good sir.

I give you Part 2 in our Expert Roundup Trilogy, where we tackle the question: what are the biggest challenges with content? Check out where our trusted learning advisors raised a red flag on the content speedway:

Expert roundup_Jono Endean

Jonathan Endean

Vice President of Learning & Content, Skill Dynamics

I think the biggest challenges with learning content today are relevance and value. Evaluating and improving the relevance and value of content should be a key focus area for organisations.

I also think the quality of content is a challenge, especially when it comes to curation. Generally speaking, we should be placing more emphasis on quality (and less on quantity) if we want to achieve better results.

LinkedIn Expert roundup_Viv Cole

Viv Cole

Learning Consultant, Viv Cole Associates Limited

Moving from seeing the organisation as a series of silos to a joined-up user experience. Users should not have to ask the question “Which system should I look on for this?”, it should be intuitive. The more usual reality is that HR has a system that performance management lives on, IT has a system that helpline and help articles live on, Comms has the intranet and an enterprise social platform and L&D has an LMS and maybe an LXP.

The content ecosystem is complex and most content is not easily findable. Content owners need to be accountable for deciding which platform will be the main home for their content and then link to this from footprints on other systems on which users are expected to look for their content.

The findability problem is particularly acute for new joiners, so effective onboarding is crucial for navigating to what they need in a friction-less way.

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Expert roundup_Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith

Director of Enterprise Sales, Degreed

The biggest challenge I'm hearing regarding content is categorization. Many companies leverage multiple content sources, some internal, others external. Each has its unique tagging system which when associated with skills and/or proficiencies can create complexity.

Companies are ultimately seeking to obtain a single language of skills. In doing this they have the ability to improve agility, connect skills to work, and gain access to data that will help drive business performance.


While this post may not have the epic cinematic experience as 2 Fast 2 Furious, I hope it got you curious about your organisation’s biggest content challenges.

Should your challenges be something one of our experts highlighted or something entirely different—we are here to help you identify and untangle any content chaos with a 30-minute Content Clinic.

After all….”A real driver knows exactly what’s in his car.” Dominic (Dom) Toretto



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