Curated with Filtered: Becoming a feedback athlete

By Ross Stevenson

3 minute read

Feedback is a core human skill.

We do it every day in many ways. With our colleagues, partners and even our children. Have you tried giving feedback to a 5-year-old on why they shouldn't throw stuff at their sister? It’s not easy!

The problem with searching for such a generic topic is getting the stuff you specifically need.

Visiting our local friend Google to ask for content on ‘feedback techniques’ yields so much content, I almost need one of those leaf blowers to make sense of it all.

Take that content chaos!Take that, content chaos!

Sadly, the experience is not too dissimilar to LXP’s I’ve used.

I want to find the 5 best pieces of content to help me. Not swim in a sea of chaos and fall under the high tides of content.

Lucky for me, I work at the very place that's trying to cut through that chaos.

This means I have access to some pretty nifty tech that stops me from drowning in a sea of content as I doom-scroll.

How do I find the best stuff for me

I wouldn’t be a good L&D practitioner if I didn’t break down this process.

Join me in the video below or follow along in the step-by-step guide below.

Step 1: Navigating my content libraries

In the Filtered platform I already have my army of content libraries tagged with the correct skills (isn't that useful?).

This means I have a suite of skill groups that centralise specific skills to choose from.

I want to become an even better feedback athlete, so the ‘Leadership and Management’ group feels right for me. Turns out I was spot on. You can see the ‘giving feedback’ skill in this group.

I really love the skill description here too. Too many of us forget the kind, useful and actionable part of feedback,

Ok, we’ve found our skill group and skill. It’s time to filter our content 🚀

Step 2: Taming the content chaos

Here comes the fun part. Getting the right content out of the sea of content.

A typical LXP journey requires you to manually vet content for its use. But, how do you know what’s good and what’s not? 🤷

Let me show you something neat.

On my screen, you can see the term ‘giving feedback’ has yielded 105,000 results.

This is enough to make most of us run in fear, but this is where the Filtred platform shines.

To find the best stuff for me, I can now filter (get it? 😉) through all of the content in my libraries within a few clicks.


What's in the box?

This is where the magic happens, folks 🪄.

With the power of our content intelligence algorithm, we can get specific on what’s needed.

I can manipulate the content across my libraries based on key filters. Here I’ve chosen:

  • Content provider
  • Title
  • Relevance (Our algorithm scores content on a relevancy scale for your search, more on that here 👈).
  • Length
  • Language
  • Publication date
  • Skill name
  • Source (aka your LXP)

Let’s see what happens when I tweak a few filters.


I only speak one language, English.

Anything other than this won’t be helpful to me. So, let’s tweak this.

Now we’re down to 85K assets.

image (1)


Just like you, my time is finite.

I don’t want to be blowing through long courses or videos. So, let’s tweak the content length, shall we?

image (2)

Ah, marvellous. We now have 65k assets in the mix.

But let's supercharge this. I want the top 5 resources. Not the top 65,000!


The magic weapon that’ll bring out the specificity you want.

I’m tweaking this filter to have a relevancy score of no less than 9 out of 10. I want the good stuff.

image (3)

Now that’s more like it.

I have the 4 best resources in my library at my disposal just with a few clicks. Wonderful!

Step 3: The perfect playlist

Next, I will put this into my little playlist and build my feedback muscle.

Voila! I’ve found what I need and packaged it into a nice little playlist in a matter of minutes. Check it out:

Giving Feedback
Identifying and delivering advice on performance or capabilities in a kind, useful and actionable way.

If you’re interested in curating as quickly as I did with Filtered, chat with the team to find out more >

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