AI Now Report: The top 100 use-cases for generative AI

By Marc Zao-Sanders

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The world has changed. The number one priority for talent development teams is helping organisations understand and leverage generative AI. To do that, talent development teams need to use gen AI themselves. Ethan Mollick thinks at least 5-10 hours of actively using AI on work tasks is the minimum to understand the true capabilities - and weaknesses - of the various models. To get to those hours, you need to identify simple and compelling use cases.

So we're pleased to release our exclusive research: The Top 100 Use-cases for Generative AI. A piece discussing the methodology and the findings of the work has been published by Harvard Business Review. This page is devoted to the full set of results.

Here's a taster of the top 10. Add your email to the contact form below for access to the full report.

To compile the research, we delved deep into the web, sifting through tens of thousands of posts to uncover how Large Language Models (LLMs) are revolutionizing both business and daily life. Our comprehensive analysis led to the identification of a top-100 set of use cases, which we distilled into six key themes, highlighting the diverse and impactful ways in which LLMs are being integrated.

Technical Assistance & Troubleshooting (23%)

"For instance, instead of googling “how to change a tire” I’ll just straight up ask ChatGPT. And then once I get the answer I can even deep dive super specific questions like “what type of wrench would work without stripping the socket on my vehicle"

This category emerged as a frontrunner, showcasing LLMs' prowess in offering immediate, sophisticated support for a range of technical issues, significantly enhancing efficiency and problem-solving capabilities in tech-centric environments.

"I’m an IT administrator that’s had more luck sending error codes to ChatGPT and getting a solution than I do asking my entire US IT team for help."

Content Creation & Editing (22%)

"I use it to check my own biases with op eds and speeches and other political stuff. If something makes me feel strongly, I copy it into chat gpt and ask it to tell me the logical fallacies and possible misinformation in the piece. It is a HUGE gut check!!"

Close behind, the use of LLMs in generating and refining content has transformed creative workflows. From drafting articles to producing engaging marketing materials, LLMs are redefining content creation with their ability to understand context and generate coherent, relevant text.

"I have a few specific re-writing convos for my own writing. I have ADHD and often include far too many innocuous details. You know, shit that wouldn't change the salient information in the text if it were removed. I have specific prompts to trim the fat and convey the important information as succinctly as possible. It helps."

Personal & Professional Support (17%)

LLMs have also carved out a crucial role in providing tailored advice and assistance, supporting personal development and professional growth. This encompasses a wide spectrum from coaching and mentorship to productivity enhancement and task management.

"My father is dying of cancer currently. I've had to move home to help care for him as the associated dementia has accelerated and made him aggressive and violent towards my mother and any other caretakers (nurses, personal support workers etc.) 



I downloaded ChatGPT and asked it this question on March 23rd:

Im losing my father to cancer and multiple sclerosis and I don't know how to deal with it. ChatGPT's response was insightful, considerate, sympathetic, and helpful. This was all good, practical advice to better the health of a person's brain. Phenomenal."

Learning & Education (15%)

The educational sector benefits significantly from LLMs, leveraging their capabilities to offer personalized learning experiences, tutor support, and accessible knowledge bases, thereby democratizing education and making learning more interactive and adaptive.

"I use it as the worlds most accessible tutor. I am learning Python and it’s an incredible tool to be able to re-enforce concepts that I’m trying to learn. You can ask it to explain things through a lens that makes sense to you. I ask it to explain concepts using real world analogies."

Creativity & Recreation (13%)

LLMs are not just about work; they also foster creativity and leisure activities, from generating art and music to powering interactive entertainment experiences, thus enriching the cultural landscape.

"Just this last weekend I worked with it to create a relatively short original Dungeons and Dragons campaign. It’s still excellent at coming up with ideas for the overall plot lines as well as NPC dialogue, challenges/riddles, and original monster encounters. I had my own ideas of subplots and a twist ending and it was able to easily work with me to incorporate those items."

Research, Analysis & Decision Making (10%)

Lastly, LLMs play a pivotal role in data analysis and decision-making processes. By processing vast datasets and providing insightful analyses, they assist in informed decision-making, market research, and strategic planning.

"For me I get the most utility from it by helping me point out blind spots in my work, suggest improvements to operations, and offer insights for projects I’m working on."

Our study reveals the extensive and varied applications of LLMs, underscoring their transformative potential across different sectors. As LLMs continue to evolve, they promise to further shape the future of business and everyday life, driving innovation and efficiency.

For those interested in delving deeper and accessing the full report, complete with all the detailed, raw quoted use cases, we invite you to register your details on our provided form. This comprehensive document offers an in-depth look at the nuanced ways LLMs are being utilized, presenting a valuable resource for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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