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A technology that presents your content meaningfully to your company, personalized for each employee, delivered by a team that cares. So you can focus on staying ahead of the competition through large-scale skills development and culture change.
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Lift organisational capability

magpie makes algorithmic personalised recommendations from your existing content and handpicked curated content to help your people build skills in the specific capabilities your organisation has prioritised.

magpie is faster and more effective at delivering behaviour change than conventional, general purpose solutions such as LXPs, LMSs or content libraries. Within a few clicks magpie hits 80% relevance for the content served to each and every user, driving meaningful, worthwhile engagement. And a further 80% of those users go on to apply something they learn from magpie to their work. That allows you to deliver change programmes and business performance at pace.

magpie is effective because of a unique and proprietary concept: the skills signature. We need just three pieces of information about a user to generate a user skills signature. We simultaneously tag every single asset to generate a corresponding content skills signature. By matching the two and improving that match through machine learning, magpie delivers meaningful personalisation well ahead of the market.

Find out how magpie’s skills signatures and algorithms work.

Make your content work for you

To breathe new life into your existing content, we first need to build a research-based skills framework which specifically and intentionally addresses your organisation’s needs. And we do the work here. Filtered’s experienced team will design a best-practice framework, preload it with weightings and tagged, curated content, and help you sell it to your organisation to make this a success. If you already have an established skills framework we can easily adapt the skills signatures around that.

A targeted skills framework enables deliberate, effective curation from what you already have. We also supplement it with some of the best (according to data we can share) content from web. We’ve built magpie solutions populated with content libraries (e.g. Coursera, GetAbstract, Skillsoft, TED, HBR) and free web assets from high-quality publishers, with our algorithms able to surface material that makes the biggest impact.

All of this is presented to your team in a simple, attractive user interface to deliver an experience which delights.

Read more about how our process and seven curation criteria get from tens to thousands of learning objects to a highly relevant shortlist. (1)-1
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magpie is yours in weeks not months

It’s not only a custom skills framework and our capability to quickly tag content for you that magpie so easy to deploy. The entire tool is completely configurable to your specific programme by our customer success team Rob, Kata and Anna. This is deep personalisation without the admin overhead.

We ensure that magpie can speak the language of your organisation by mapping it against your existing business units, functional roles and learning focus areas. We can also fully brand magpie as if it were a tool you built in-house. We will add your logo, your primary and secondary colour scheme, your fonts and your splash images.

Throw that Gantt chart away. magpie is ready to take flight in three to six weeks, faster than any bespoke content or platform project. Even magpie’s tone of voice in the chatbot interface can be adapted to fit with your organisation. magpie is your team’s next big design hit!

Engagement that just keeps growing

magpie refuses to sit gathering dust like your LMS. Our customer success team is brimming with marketing experience and will help you make low engagement a distant memory by providing 360 support. We make sure every single magpie skills development programme takes flight with devoted multichannel comms campaigns.

Those include high-impact initiatives such webinars and in-person events, but also focus on delivering ongoing results. We run customised and fully automated email campaigns to onboard users, update them with personalised development suggestions and measure the downstream impact it’s had on their performance.

Our personalised recommendations meet your colleagues wherever they are, with integration support for Microsoft Teams and the wider Sharepoint suite and Slack. We augment this with social outreach to drive peer-to-peer learning across other channels like Yammer, SAP Jam and Workplace.

Single sign-on integration via OpenID or SAML 2.0, and a fully-featured API enable us to support a programme seamlessly from inside any platform or piece of content. Read the magpie API documentation and get in touch to try our API playground.


Adopt a data-driven strategy and prove ROI

Our team of data scientists are on hand to help you make sense of the data, map it against your existing metrics, and ultimately help you answer those critical business questions. By benchmarking each client’s analytics against the global population of magpie users, we produce customised analytics that tell you:

  • When your people are most receptive to communications about your change programme
  • The optimal format of learning (articles, podcasts, videos, courses) for different situations and times of the day or week
  • How different content providers, internal and external, perform in terms of relevance and usefulness for your audience
  • The specific assets that are making a difference, the examples of learning application and the ROI from your programme

Our clients use the data they get from magpie to drive key decisions and inform their strategy. We’re doing more than giving you another isolated reporting dashboard. We will help you save money, optimise content for your learning culture and grow that culture so that magpie pays for itself. We also use data in a principled way: transparent and open, we keep individual user data private and we follow the most rigorous international standards to keep it safe.

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“The real key [is] intelligently recommending the right content to each user in a personalized way. Should the system locate content that matches text? Should the system know your role and tenure?Should it recommend content based on your personal activity history? These are the things that companies like Filtered are working on – making learning ever-more relevant in the flow of work.”
Josh Bersin
Bersin Partners
"Filtered takes competencies and skills we want in the business and intelligently provides learning recommendations at the individual level. The closer we can get to making good, relevant recommendations at the time of need, the better chance we will stand at serving our people in the right way."
Peter Manniche Riber
Former Senior Digital Learning Manager , Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy
“The data provided by magpie helps us understand exactly which content and resources our staff are engaging with and what’s relevant for them ... By unlocking these insights, not only do we see what’s important, we’re also in a better position to identify gaps in content to serve specific requirements, enabling us to fine-tune our offering.”
Avinash Chandarana
Global L&D Director, MCI Group
"This is the technology that Royal Mail Group has been waiting for to deliver digital learning via quality recommendations."
Donna McGrath
Head of Digital Learning, Royal Mail Group
"We wouldn’t have been able to get to this stage if it wasn’t for Filtered's hard work, dedication and support, whether dealing with changes to materials, supporting us getting the message out there or providing technical support and guidance. We’ve received great feedback so far, so thank you!"
Fiona MacDonald
Group L&D Business Partner, Reach plc
"We have been working with magpie on a project which we believe will support a great number of learners to successfully complete their apprenticeship. We chose Filtered because they are the only provider we know of who combine an advanced personalization tool with content curation expertise and the data analytics expertise to prove ROI for our customers."
Paola Perissinotto
Strategic Change Manager, City & Guilds Group
"I've never seen a system that works in this way and believe it will be the future of learning. Non-linear and personalised. The team are fantastic to work with and are open and willing to share their knowledge and expertise, so have also added to the knowledge and skills of our team and help build our confidence around online leadership interventions."
Louise Drake
Director of Programmes & Leadership Innovation, Clore Social Leadership
"At a time when artificial intelligence and algorithms are commonly used as marketing glitz for run-of-the-mill products, Filtered makes substantive progress, and uses technology practically and pragmatically to make a real difference. The fact that the US Patent Office recently accepted their patent application to protect the filtering algorithm speaks volumes. Filtered represents the future, actually the present, of AI in learning."
Donald H. Taylor
Non-Executive Director, Filtered

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