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There is so much content. You've bought some, you've created some and there's much more online. The world doesn't need more content. It needs the best content to get to the right people.

magpie does that.


Literally any learning asset

Launch learning anywhere from a single dashboard that connects learners with high quality resources: your own in-house creations, off-the-shelf libraries as well as public domain content (e.g. TED, Forbes, HBR, BBC, School of Life).

Our algorithm stack: magpie

Our secret sauce is our patent-allowed stack of algorithms, magpie. magpie will classify (and fill out any meta data you are missing), literally any learning asset. It will then cluster, prioritise and present back to learners in a highly intuitive user interface.

New interface: the conversation

Engagement is essential. Conversational interface is universally understood and utterly intuitive. The user's attention is drawn just where we need it. Chat UI also brings a huge number of language and logic branching options. Looks great on any device. 

Expert human curation

Our 500+ assets in magpie are handpicked by our curators. Add your own assets (from libraries like Skillsoft and HBR or material you've created in-house) to make all relevant learning instantly discoverable. Unlock the value of your learning.

Configurable & customisable 

National brands such as Royal Mail, NHS, Trinity Mirror, Barnardo's use magpie. You can configure learner inputs, chatbot script and logic branching, the skills framework, design features including themes, and the learning assets themselvesTake a look at the demo version here.

Awards & recognition

Our work has been featured in the Financial Times and Forbes, and has attracted funding from the City & Guilds Group and Innovate UK (the UK government’s innovation agency). We have also won awards from the LPI and been shortlisted for the Reimagine Education Awards 2018.

Conversational interface (chatbot)

magpie starts with a conversation. This is refreshingly engaging for the busy modern worker.

The chatbot introduces itself, provides some information on how best to use the system and asks some basic role-related questions.

That's all we need to make initial recommendations. Or learners can chat some more, reveal more and get more precise suggestions. 

The questions we ask here can be tweaked to your requirements. Find out how here.

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2. Skills, productivity & personalization.gif

Skills, productivity & personalization

Personalizing learning experiences requires a deep understanding of modern workforce skills. 10 years of work delivering content and a recent collaboration with London Economics gives us that.

We are able to personalize the learning experience using our proprietary algorithm stack, magpie, which classifies, clusters and prioritizes each asset for each user. 

The playlist enables users to save assets they are interested in from a range of different skills areas into one place as they scroll through the dashboard.

Human curation

We’ve crawled through hundreds of thousands of public and private learning assets.

Our in-house, human curators then apply a final filter so that the pool of assets from which recommendations are made is the best it can possibly be. We work with you to get to this list.

We have a ready-to-play list of 500+ public domain assets (from the likes of TED, HBR, Forbes) which you can view here.

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4. Customise & configure.gif

Customise & configure

Customisable inputs in magpie will help you generate deep insight into the skills gaps and the organisational capacity of your company.

Where are your greatest needs? What content helps your people and what doesn’t? How do they spend their time at work? How do departments, teams and individuals compare?

Use magpie to deliver a personalized service to individuals as well as a to shape your content and learning strategy.

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