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Corporate learning is stifled by too much choice, too little evidence and too many barriers.  magpie recommends high-quality content and integrates with your learning systems to engender a revolutionary learning culture.
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1. Conversational interface (chatbot)

Intelligent learning recommendations

Using a combination of human curation and proprietary algorithms, magpie identifies skill gaps and recommends content to your learners to help build those skills. 

magpie starts with a configurable chatbot conversation. Based on a small number of explicit inputs from users and a vast and deep knowledge of learning assets, magpie prioritises most relevant content for each user. 

magpie is intelligent learning recommendations. You can trial the free version we created for L&D professionals here.

Culling and curating

Since launching magpie in 2017, we have recommended tens of thousands of learning assets to tens of thousands of users. Those assets include licensed content libraries (eg Coursera, Get Abstract, Skillsoft, TED, HBR), freely web assets from high-quality publishers and your own proprietary content. But the first step is often a giant cull of unused, obsolete or otherwise unwanted content. We preach less

The result is a hub of relevant, high-quality content and a means of prioritising what to learn next for every one of your workforce. That's why we include a focused learning tray that refreshes every time learners log in to magpie with a mixture of content to address their most pressing skill gaps.

3. Human curation
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To give magpie the best chance integrating into your organisation, one of our solutions architects will explain all the configurable components of the technology. magpie will therefore speak the language of your organisation. Configurable inputs include:

  • Onboarding questions
  • Chat script
  • Skills framework
  • Content to be recommended
  • Logos, colours and themes


We built magpie to make existing learning ecosystems work better rather than to add to the technology clutter. Single sign-on and APIs enable us to run recommendations behind the scenes. A delightful UI means that we are equally happy making recommendations in the foreground. It's up to you. magpie makes personalized learning recommendations. 

We have integrated with Fuse Universal, Curatr by HT2 Labs, Totara and many others.


Learning analytics

You can find out about learning preferences and behaviours at your organisation. By benchmarking each client’s analytics against the global population of magpie users, our customer success team can help you understand:

  • When your people are most receptive to communications about learning.
  • The optimal format of learning (articles, podcasts, videos, courses) for different situations and times of the day or week.
  • How different content providers, internal and external, perform in terms of relevance and usefulness for your audience.
  • How your existing capability framework  aligns with learning behaviour: where you are pushing at an open door and where you are encountering resistance.

Our clients are using the data that magpie provides to implement a data-driven learning strategy. We’re doing more than giving you another isolated reporting dashboard. We will help you save money, optimise content for your learning culture and grow that culture. We also use data in a principled way: transparent and open, we keep individual user data private and we follow the most rigorous international standards to keep it safe.

“Corporate learning organizations are flooded with too many courses, documents, and other forms of important information. In order to make these resources relevant and useful for employees, companies need intelligent search- and AI-based recommendation tools to help learners find the most valuable materials for their jobs, projects, and career objectives.” 
Josh Bersin
Bersin Partners
"Filtered takes competencies and skills we want in the business and intelligently provides learning recommendations at the individual level. The closer we can get to making good, relevant recommendations at the time of need, the better chance we will stand at serving our people in the right way."
Peter Manniche Riber
Former Senior Digital Learning Manager , Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy
"This is the technology that Royal Mail Group has been waiting for to deliver digital learning via quality recommendations."
Donna McGrath
Head of Digital Learning, Royal Mail Group
"We wouldn’t have been able to get to this stage if it wasn’t for Filtered's hard work, dedication and support, whether dealing with changes to materials, supporting us getting the message out there or providing technical support and guidance. We’ve received great feedback so far, so thank you!"
Fiona MacDonald
Group L&D Business Partner, Reach plc
"We have been working with magpie on a project which we believe will support a great number of learners to successfully complete their apprenticeship. We chose Filtered because they are the only provider we know of who combine an advanced personalization tool with content curation expertise and the data analytics expertise to prove ROI for our customers."
Paola Perissinotto
Strategic Change Manager, City & Guilds Group
"I've never seen a system that works in this way and believe it will be the future of learning. Non-linear and personalised. The team are fantastic to work with and are open and willing to share their knowledge and expertise, so have also added to the knowledge and skills of our team and help build our confidence around online leadership interventions."
Louise Drake
Director of Programmes & Leadership Innovation, Clore Social Leadership
"At a time when artificial intelligence and algorithms are commonly used as marketing glitz for run-of-the-mill products, Filtered makes substantive progress, and uses technology practically and pragmatically to make a real difference. The fact that the US Patent Office recently accepted their patent application to protect the filtering algorithm speaks volumes. Filtered represents the future, actually the present, of AI in learning."
Donald H. Taylor
Non-Executive Director, Filtered

Award winning, patented and secure

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