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Uncover the best content for the most appropriate skills in seconds


Curate playlists by skill, recency, type, and/or length


Cut time-to-curate from hours to minutes for your subject matter experts

Platforms are overflowing with content

It’s becoming more challenging to get the right content to the right people. Learning pathways (or playlists as we call them) have arrived, but they take far too long to create.

Platforms are overflowing with content

Curate relevant, high-quality content 10x faster

All content. One place

Centralise your paid libraries. Ensure curators spend less time opening new browser tabs and more time creating powerful learning playlists … with just a few clicks.

All content. One place

Create tags relevant to skills

Engage with a full dashboard of content recency, type, length, usefulness, and quality. Source the top ten assets for a skill in no time at all.

Create tags relevant to skills

Playlists that build themselves automagically

Can intuitive interface allows curators to select the best content in seconds and add it to a playlist so they can focus on creating useful context.

Playlists that build
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Uncover the best content in seconds.