• Starting with a full syllabus...
  • ...we first remove what you already know...
  • ...then we strip out what's not useful to you...
  • ...leaving just what you need to learn.

We personalize online training to your needs using adaptive algorithms driven by real user data. 

All content and features are developed to enhance adoption, engagement and impact (AEI)We won't teach you absolutely everything, just what you need to learn. We do this by stripping out what you know, and what isn't useful to you, using our US patent pending algorithm.

Our unique approach has attracted over 800,000 users including many blue chip companies. In 2015 we were an EdTech 20 finalist, and in 2016 we won two awards at the Learning Awards 2016 - in the Learning Technologies and Innovation in Learning categories.

Discover what filtered learning is all about. 

This short video takes you through the fundamentals of our approach, which is at the core of all of our solutions:

globalfilter - part training needs analysis, part learning recommendation provider, globalfilter will help you discover the skills gaps within your workforce and deliver a personalized learning path for each individual.

off-the-shelf courses - improve proficiency in one or more core skills with our library of 20+ personalized courses.

bespoke content - reimagine your existing materials and work with us to create personalized training content.


  • Return on investment comes from the increased value to the business of its people post-training...
  • ...to get a net benefit, first subtract the price of the training...
  • ...also net off the "lost value" that could have been added during the time spent training...
  • ...to get to a net-benefit of training to your organisation.
  • Focus on the most valuable training modules means filtering increases the value added...
  • ...reduced course length means the opportunity cost of filtered training is less...
  • This double filtering increases the net benefit significantly.

Personalized training covers more valuable skills, feels more engaging and takes less time to complete.


  • 3,000 modules across 20 courses
  • 800,000+ users from 35 countries
  • 30% saving in training time
  • +16 IQ points per hour of learning
  • Filtering content improves outcomes by 26%
  • 90% customer satisfaction rating
  • NPS score +27


  • Our algorithm aims to select a course just for you...
  • ...to do this we ask you questions about yourself and your role...
  • ...your answers allow us to identify similar users...
  • Those similar users give us feedback on which modules they found useful.
  • We blend the feedback from those similar users to make your course recommendations.
  • Every user is given a personalized course to suit their needs and knowledge.

Your answers to questions link you to similar users, whose feedback drives recommendations of learning assets you are most likely to find useful. 

Our solutions are used by organisations of all sizes to answer key questions including:

  • Where are our skills gaps?
  • Who are our high performers?
  • Should we reassign training spend?
  • Should we invest more?
  • Are some training providers less relevant?
  • Can we calculate productivity gains through learning? 

Benefits go well beyond HR or L&D departments, in what is essentially a revolutionary way of organising and consuming training materials.