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Personalization is everywhere in today's society. From your recommended shopping items on Amazon, to shows to watch on Netflix, customized online experiences can be fun, time saving and extremely rewarding. 

In this short webinar Filtered Head of Science and Content Chris Littlewood and Senior Solution Sales Jack Marshall, will show you how personalization can optimise your staff's learning experiences and lead to increased proficiency and productivity.

You'll learn about personalization in today's society (e.g. Amazon and Netflix), how user data can be applied to online learning, how tailoring e-learning will increase the impact of training, increase engagement and save time and resources.

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Chris Littlewood is Filtered's Head of Science & Product. Chris worked as a consultant at strategy boutique Mars & Co after completing degrees in physics and maths at Oxford and Cambridge and conducting research in particle physics at CERN. He has ten years experience in analysis and strategy development, across industries at Mars & Co and then in the rail sector. He leads on the science behind the product, particularly the filtering algorithm.

Jack Marshall is Filtered's Senior Solutions Sales Executive. Jack is an experienced business development manager with a strong background in consultative sales. He has a proven track record in new business development internationally and has previously worked within the marketing software and defence industries.