WEBINAR: 6 Steps to Content Curation Success


Content curation has never been so present in the mind of L&D professionals. With so much content available and so little time, how do you sift the good from the bad?

In this webinar, our in-house curators, Katharine Barnett and Meesh Nah, take you through their most recommended structure for curating quality content.

Watch to learn:

  • The 6 steps to content curation success
  • How to identify a capable curator
  • How to find content
  • What makes a quality piece of content? How do you define it in your organisation?

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Katharine Barnett, Senior Digital Project Manager


Katharine leads on the implementation side of the business. She helps clients achieve integration of Filtered's intelligent learning recommendation with their current system and customising the platform to suit their individual requirements where necessary.


Meesh Nah, Content Curator


Meesh is responsible for sourcing the very best content from across the wide variety of materials on the internet. Using practical processes, she is able to cater her searches to the needs of each client and deliver content that resonates.