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A list of important skills is almost impossible for organisations to agree on. Filtered has developed a methodology to:

  • Map skill areas to your roles from multiple datasets
  • Scan the horizon for skills important to your industry
  • Analyse your company data and draw out the most pertinent skills
  • Provide you with a data-backed, prioritised skills framework
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We make it simple

Whether you call them skills, competencies or behaviours, the frameworks for describing what your people need to know and do at work have become far too complex. In a constantly changing world, we need flexible tags that enable us to select and prioritise development content quickly.

But we’ve inherited multi-level hierarchies of poorly-defined, overlapping terms that don’t help anybody. In just three weeks, Filtered can produce a list of between 10 and 50 that apply to everyone in your organisation and address your needs right away.

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of our recommendations are marked useful


of surveyed users spend more time developing the targeted capabilities


of users have applied a magpie recommendation to improve their work

How do we do it?

Our skills framework design process comprises three steps.

  1. Select a need-focused framework: We help you understand the focus area that is most strongly linked to better business performance or faster transformation. Then we select that subset from our extensive library of skills. If we need to add some specific skills in, that’s possible too.

  2. Add sector-specific threats and opportunities: We then identify sector threats and opportunities, identify the relevant capabilities and make it relevant to your organisation with surveys, focus groups and interviews. 

  3. Overlay your organisational strategy and context: Through statistical analysis of your employee headcount, qualitative analysis of the overall business strategy and a check against your internal communication style, we produce a finalised list which is perfectly adapted to both the strategy and the day-to-day life of your audience.


All this is done in close consultation with you. Some clients have very clear ideas about their frameworks and are looking to us to confirm their established hypotheses, some clients are starting with a blank sheet. We’re comfortable with either scenario.

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Applying the skills framework to solve a problem

Once you have a data-backed framework of up to 50 important skills, we’ll help you to sell it to the organisation by using it to solve problems. For example, we can use this framework to evaluate the performance of your current content libraries and make data-backed decisions about which to promote and which to retire.

More importantly, we can start  to curate (and apply corresponding skills tags for) the most important internal, external and third-party resources to address the problems your teams are urgently trying to solve.

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Step 3 - Curation
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