Trust is everything

Security is critical for your employees and your IT department. We offer:

  • Compliance with the internationally-recognised ISO 270001 standard
  • Compliance with the UK’s Cyber Essentials+ certification
  • Resilient and scalable AWS-hosted infrastructure
  • Six data principles that govern how we keep you and your data safe
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Your data is safe with us

We obtained the gold standard for information security, ISO27001 (certification number 216890), in 2018 and renewed it in 2019 (with 0 minors, 0 major non-conformities). Every instance of magpie is deployed to a high security Amazon ECS environment. But information security isn’t just a technical solution: it’s a mindset focused on creating a safe space for people to use our products.

ISe 27001 Certification


of our recommendations are marked useful


of users spend more time developing targeted capabilities


of users have applied a Filtered recommendation to improve their work

Always on, infinitely scalable infrastructure

magpie runs off a modern containerised and microservices-based architecture which is resilient by nature. If a non-critical feature stop working, the platform as a whole stays live for users whilst we fix it.

And as modern code, it scales easily: load times don’t change whether we have one user or a million users on the same instance.  


Your data, our responsibility

According to European and Californian legislation, Filtered acts as a processor for data that belongs to our customers, including the personally-identifying data we need to process so you can make the most out of magpie (such as an email address).

We will sign a data processing agreement with every customer which also provides information on the sub-processors we rely on to deliver our services and who provide the same level of assurance: Amazon, Google, Customer.io, Dropbox, Tableau and Segment.io.


Six data principles

We have always been careful with data and our business necessitates that we adopt and continuously improve compliance with the major international standards. But we think more broadly about how the information we capture can add the most value for our customers and learners. We’ve researched how other organisations think about data decisions and how our clients and users derive value from data and applied our own thinking and experience to arrive at six principles that apply to everything we do:

  1. Transparency. Learners and clients need to be able to make informed choices about how they use magpie. So we will be clear to learners and client organisations which data we collect and why.
  2. Actionable insight. Data without context is of little practical use and at worst misleading. We will turn data into information and information into actionable insights that support learners’ and clients’ goals.
  3. A safe space to learn. magpie is a safe space for learners - for magpie to work, we need learners to be open about their concerns and priorities. So we will not share identifiable learner-level data with anyone except the learner.
  4. Integrity. We will never sell personal or organisational information to anyone.
  5. Openness. We are part of a global community of learners and a leader in learning and development. We want to be good citizens. Where we can - for instance where it does not affect our learners’ and clients’ interests - we will share anonymised insights to benefit all.
  6. Security. We will follow robust policy and process to protect learner data, including continuing to follow the ISO27001 standard for information security management.
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