Un-ignorable learning, where your people already are

  • Proactive campaigns to reach out and re-engage via MS Teams
  • Cut through learning infrastructure and put yourself in IT’s corner

  • Interact with people in MS Teams through custom ‘adaptive cards’

  • Instantly link to the full magpie experience without leaving MS Teams

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magpie drives engagement through a seamless integration

Going far beyond a passive Q&A, search or browsing function, the magpie MS Teams integration develops a proactive relationship with employees by placing interactive ‘cards’ with personalised recommendations and messages, created in collaboration with stakeholders, in direct dialogue with end-users.

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of our recommendations are marked useful


of surveyed users spend more time developing the targeted capabilities


of users have applied a magpie recommendation to improve their work

Best-of-breed technologies

Our integration is built on top of the open magpie API that allows us to connect to any platform, content library, or LMS and single sign on with Active Directory. It is controlled through consumer-grade marketing automation software and driven by an interface built on Microsoft’s adaptive cards framework.

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Campaign-based change management

The magpie MS Teams integration is not a passive bot. We’ll script and run an interactive, personalised campaign based around a specific initiative as part of a multi-channel effort to win engagement. Here’s what a typical campaign might look like:

  • Welcome messages in a public channel to announce magpie is here
  • Welcome messages for individual users who add the magpie bot
  • User receives a welcome card with button to create the magpie tab embedded in Teams
  • User creates profile, sets a goal and starts receiving recommendations 
  • Re-engagement campaigns pick up users who left off
  • Recommendations from a rotating series of algorithmic playlists.
  • Reminders to complete launched assets, give feedback and track impact of learning
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Fully-featured magpie inside of Teams

Through a connection based on single sign on via Active Directory, the whole magpie experience is recreated as a tab, immediately accessible inside whatever team and channel you specify. So all of the features that your people love about magpie are available inside our integration and inside Teams. This includes:

  • Browsing through playlists of recommendations
  • Creating new playlists by telling the chatbot about specific goals
  • Creating a learning record of your history via the activity page
  • Searching through the curated content
  • Sharing content with colleagues
  • Leaving notes on content to record reflections and ideas
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Targeted re-engagement

The magpie-Microsoft Teams integration supercharges these features by delivering notifications that encourage users to take action based on their activity. From setting up a profile, to recording the impact of learning, our customisable bot is always in dialogue with you users, including:

  • Reminding them to launch and complete recommended content
  • Reminding them to give feedback
  • Recording and saving notes on content inside Teams and O365 product
  • Making it easier to find and share content with your team


These use cases are just the tip of the iceberg. As our integration leverages marketing automation software, you'll be given your own workspace to craft your own campaigns and build adaptive cards to drive any kind of change you need. 

This includes dynamic interactivity with other systems, particularly Office 365 software like Calendar, Microsoft Todo and OneNote. Sign up and you'll be able to make roadmap requests that implement skill based recommendations into almost any system - all via Microsoft Teams.

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Be there for your Teams

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