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Our data science and success teams help you advance your strategic business transformation goals: for the organisation as a whole, for your learning and change functions and for individuals. magpie helps you understand:

  • Skills gaps and untapped opportunities for growth
  • ROI from your existing content vendors and internal content
  • The link between learning, performance and the bottom line
  • Unexploited drivers for change in your organisation
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Get the measurements that actually matter 

Maturity models for learning organisations consistently show that alignment with business goals is governed by what you can measure. If you can move from measuring participation to measuring effectiveness and impact, you’ll find yourself working alongside business unit leaders on the most pressing challenges (instead of producing courses to order).

Filtered’s reporting, data science and insight services get you there much faster than you can achieve with internal resources.

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of our recommendations are marked useful


of surveyed users spend more time developing the targeted capabilities


of users have applied a magpie recommendation to improve their work

Data-informed decision making

Every time a user completes an asset in magpie they tell us whether it was not relevant, something they knew already, or something useful. When we combine that with the other metadata we store, we create powerful databases of structured insight on every aspect of learning in your organisation. The reporting dashboards we build from this data are a finger on the pulse of learning behaviour in your organisation. Understand:

  • When your people are most receptive to which kinds of communications
  • The optimal format of learning (articles, podcasts, videos, courses) for different situations and times of the day or week
  • How different content providers, internal and external, perform in terms of relevance and usefulness for your audiences
  • The specific assets that are making a difference, the examples of learning application and the ROI from your programme
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Strategic quarterly business reviews

Our clients use the data they get from magpie to drive key decisions and inform their strategy through a system of quarterly business reviews - attended by our success and data science teams - designed to address the most pressing questions and problems.

This process will help you save money, optimise content for your learning culture and grow that culture so that magpie pays for itself. 

Examples of how we help our clients to make include making decisions on which content library contracts to renew much easier by bringing in usefulness scores provided by magpie, or winning support for the digitisation of online learning.

Francesco Mantovani

“Filtered's passion, flexibility and beta mindset are an example of how we want to work with partners. Thanks for making marvelous things with us and for us!”

Francesco Mantovani

Global Talent Development, Procter & Gamble

Avinash Chandarana

“Filtered help connect the dots of L&D resources using AI and machine learning - personalizing great content for our talent.”

Avinash Chandarana

Learning and Development Director, MCI Group

Fiona MacDonald

“Introducing magpie was such a departure from how L&D used to be done at Reach. magpie is the perfect embodiment of what the department itself offers. We’ll give you the tools so you can make your masterpiece.”

Fiona MacDonald

Group L&D Business Partner, Reach plc

Donald Taylor

"Filtered represents the future, actually the present, of AI in learning."

Donald Taylor

Chairman, The Learning and Performance Institute"

Donna McGrath

"This is the technology that Royal Mail Group has been waiting for to deliver digital learning via quality recommendations."

Donna McGrath

Head of Digital Learning, Royal Mail Group

Josh Bersin

“The real key [is] intelligently recommending the right content to each user in a personalized way. These are the things that companies like Filtered are working on – making learning ever-more relevant in the flow of work.”

Josh Bersin

Principal Founder, Bersin by Deloitte

Paola Perisinotto

"We chose Filtered because they are the only provider we know of who combine an advanced personalization tool with content curation expertise and the data analytics expertise to prove ROI for our customers."

Paola Perissinotto

Strategic Change Manager, City & Guilds

Peter Manniche-Riber

"Filtered takes competencies and skills we want in the business and intelligently provides learning recommendations at the individual level."

Pieter Manniche-Rieber

Former Senior Learning Manager
Siemens Gamesa

Louise Drake

"I've never seen a system that works in this way and believe it will be the future of learning. Non-linear and personalised. The team are fantastic to work with and are open and willing to share their knowledge and expertise"

Louise Drake

Director of Programmes & Leadership Innovation, Clore


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