Thank you for being an Excel with Business customer

We hope you enjoyed our great online learning experience as much as we have, helping you learn.

As you are no doubt aware from our previous emails and messages on our website, we have now closed down as of 2 December 2022.

We still cater to organisations that have Microsoft and Business learning requirements for over 100 users. Find out more >

Your data

Some of you have emailed our support team asking about your personal data, and what will happen to it.

Your personal information is very important to us, and we comply fully with Infosec standards.

Your personal information will be erased as of 16 December 2022, and has not and will not be used for any purposes in future by us or any third party. It will be erased securely and treated as confidential until it is erased completely.

If you do have any other questions, please contact us.

Kind regards,

Excel With Business Customer Support Team