Reclaim the inbox for personal development

Emails are indispensable to modern workplace software. Filtered uses and constantly iterates hand-crafted, intelligently automated emails that put learning in the flow of work:

  • Activation and reactivation emails with inspiring messages
  • Onboarding emails to explain how to use magpie
  • Push emails with proactive recommendations
  • Insight emails to track impact and measure progress
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Success requires campaigns, not courses

We bring B2C digital marketing techniques to B2B customer success: branded, personalised campaigns that tap into what your people really care about and transform your internal communications capability. These emails routinely achieve 80% open rates and 40% click-through rates. There’s no secret to it - just years of testing. 

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of our recommendations are marked useful


of surveyed users spend more time developing the targeted capabilities


of users have applied a magpie recommendation to improve their work


A successful launch is vital. The first campaign doesn’t announce magpie to the world - it explains ‘what’s in it for me’ based on the in-depth interviews and focus groups we’ll have run with your team and end users. Don’t sell them learning. Sell them career progression and self-realisation, aligned to your company’s goals.


Each first step with magpie, from creating your profile to completing your first learning recommendation, is rewarded with an email that takes you one step further. You don’t need a user manual for magpie - it’s all right there in your inbox.


Push notifications

Weekly or biweekly emails (we will advise but you will decide the cadence) will drop algorithmically personalised recommendations right into your inbox, bringing the benefits of magpie outside of our platform. This is replicated by push notifications in MS Teams.

Measuring impact

We incentivise engagement with emails that benchmark you against similar users, congratulating you for doing more or warning you that you’re behind. We also encourage you to complete any learning assets you’ve saved for later. When you’ve completed enough we start asking you about how you applied that learning - providing managers and administrators with proof of learning impact.

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Deliver change and engagement at scale

Going digital means changing the way you communicate. You can’t just expect your busy employees to come to your learning system. You’ll need to persuade them with high-quality, intelligent and intentional comms.

Microsoft Teams is being deployed across the healthcare sector, and magpie has an integrated app. Getting people to engage - and doing something good with their engagement - is critical. We work with organisations to build campaigns that:

  • Bridge the gap between legacy LMS and intranet platforms and users by pushing notifications into email and MS Teams
  • Capture new data on learning and skill development to plug the gaps in your organisational knowledge
  • Re-engage your people in your most important change programmes

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Step 10 - Insight, Measurement, and Impact

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