Microsoft Excel is still business critical. 30 years since its launch, it's more popular than ever: 1 billion people use it, with workers in finance spending a third of their day in the program. Accountants in particular are famed for their advanced Excel skills - but do they really live up to their billing? 

We have just completed a study of 45,000 professionals, of which 12,000 are accountants, to better understand their Excel knowledge and usage. It's the largest and most in-depth study of its kind, and strikes the right balance between high-level insights and useful, detailed recommendations.

On July 7th we published the results of this research in a FREE webinar hosted by Deborah Ashby, Filtered IT Trainer and Microsoft expert.

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Deborah Ashby is Filtered's in-house IT Trainer and Subject Expert. She has worked within IT training for the past eight years and a further 11 within operations analysis. She's a certified Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Master, TAP trainer and COLF online learning facilitator and has been involved in high profile software migration projects in a number of her previous roles.

"Excel is still a business critical tool for a number of job roles, 30 years since it's launch it's more popular than ever. Accountants are regularly highlighted for their confidence in Excel but the results of our research tell an interesting picture about their proficiency."