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The success of your initiative is in safe hands. Enterprise customers receive:

  • Dedicated points of contact for implementation and customer success
  • An iterative, consultative process with no self-configuration required
  • Online and face-to-face events to cultivate your network of champions
  • Playbooks, templates and messaging support for communications
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Customer success for the digital era

If you want to really deliver change instead of buying licenses that sit on the shelf, then the quality of the professional services you receive with a new product is just as valuable to you as the new technology you are introducing.

So we don’t just get you up and running with Filtered. We enable you with the skills to define success metrics that work, curate the very best learning content, configure an AI-based product and to promote it across multiple channels through testing, iteration and social proof.



average save on annual content spend with Content Intelligence


faster than human curation, with higher accuracy. 1000s of hours saved.


learning campaign engagement rates to industry average.


of our recommendations are marked useful


of users spend more time developing targeted capabilities


of users have applied a Filtered recommendation to improve their work

Make your content work for you

Breathe new life into your existing content with effective content curation. Supplement it with the best content from the web and selected content libraries. Present it via a sleek UI that works on mobile, so your team can learn what they need to whenever, wherever they want in our smart LXP.

Read more about how our curation process makes learning relevant.


Engagement that just keeps growing

Meet your people where they work, with integration support for Microsoft Teams and the wider Sharepoint suite and Slack.

And get them coming to you, with 360 support from our customer success team. We make sure every Filtered skills development programme takes flight with devoted multichannel comms campaigns, reactive progress emails and bespoke branding.

Discover how we help you deliver success across the platforms your team really use.


The customer success process


The Filtered implementation process is iterative and consultative. In our kick-off sessions we’ll work hard to define the success metrics that indicate you've accomplished the business change you need to deliver. Then we gather the information we need from you to achieve those goals and propose an initial configuration for the platform, including the chatbot script and a skills framework which will be preloaded with the very best curated content (this will be iterated according to the data we gather and qualitative feedback). In other words, we do the heavy lifting. You focus on bringing all these benefits to your stakeholders.

How we communicate

We prefer to hold our kick-off meetings in person where possible and to follow them up with a thirty-minute video conference once a week, right up until the platform is live for your audience - and beyond where necessary. Outside of that, you can communicate with us in the way that works best for you: email, phone, Slack or Microsoft Teams. 


Each phase of our release cycle involves a growing pool of champions for your change initiative. Alpha release, where you see the configuration we propose come to life, should engage about twenty executive sponsors or volunteers who are involved early enough to feel like co-creators and therefore to become true champions.


Armed with the positive feedback and advocacy of the alpha testers (what we call ‘social proof’) the beta release takes Filtered to a bigger audience of testers and irons out any kinks in its branding, configuration and content. We also start testing our engagement campaigns at this point and so all of their feedback - including the onboarding webinars and focus groups sessions we run - will feed into communications we design for go-live.

Handling the integrations

Wondering about the technical part? Filtered is very light touch on your systems, relying on modern, encrypted API connections rather than the kind of hard integrations or manual data transfers your IT department rightly worries about. The straightforward single-sign-on and API connections we use will be configured in parallel with alpha and beta by members of our product team working directly with your technical team (often via a shared Slack channel), all of it gracefully coordinated by your dedicated implementation manager.


We don’t believe in high-risk launches. By the time that Filtered goes live, the whole-company webinars take off and that email from your CEO lands in inboxes, you’ll already know that the platform works perfectly and that the messaging lands well. From there, we continue to iterate. Launch day should run without a hitch, but it’s just a day: user re-engagement, impact and changes in behaviour down the line are more important.

Service Level Agreements

During the contracting phase, you can choose the SLA that best aligns with the rest of your ecosystem, up to and including twenty-four-hour support for end-users from our customer service team (if you need it). We also offer standard assurances on uptime, monitoring and incident response times, and specific SLA clauses for enterprise customers are no problem either. Contact our sales team for more information.

Reporting and content refreshes

You’ll have continual access to a customer success manager who updates the content, handles minor changes to the platform and coordinates the adoption, engagement and impact measurement campaigns we run for you via multiple channels. You will also have access to a live reporting dashboard to keep your finger on the pulse of Filtered activity.

Quarterly business reviews

But the real value for your organisation comes from a quarterly business review process. Each quarter we can produce custom reports that combine data from Filtered with existing data sources in order to test your hypotheses about learning, transformation and the bottom line. Listen to your people in a new and fascinating way. What is working for them and what isn’t? What skills are relevant to their problems and aspirations? Where are the missed opportunities for change and the critical points of failure? 

But Filtered doesn’t just offer a groundbreaking platform for data-led consultancy on these topics. Once we’ve acquired several thousand engaged users we are able to proactively intervene in the engagement process by updating the content and updating our algorithms, giving you as much control as possible over the change in behaviour you want to make. Read more about our insight, measurement and impact services.


If you want to prove the value of our technology and services before you sign a contract, we’re game. In six weeks we can run a pilot that achieves more user satisfaction and generates more excitement than most HR software does in six years. In that time, we’ll run a miniature version of the platform, from kick-off to configuration, launch, engagement and a report that delivers valuable insights. We spoke to HubSpot about how to run a successful proof of concept.

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