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Building a learning culture
16th December @ 08:00 ET / 13:00 GMT / 14:00 CET

Donald H Taylor

Donald H Taylor

Nina Bressler Murphy

Nina Bressler Murphy
Global Head of Enterprise Capability

Building a learning culture isn’t easy. Most of our people want to learn, but they’re more pressed for time than ever. Personal growth and professional development is often forced down their list of priorities by pressing tasks, then cemented there by difficult to navigate learning ecosystems overloaded with content.

But a strong learning culture can invigorate a workforce, boosting capability and engagement. It’s about more than push campaigns and courses. It’s about instilling a culture of development, innovation and psychological safety throughout the organisation so that people can grow and do their best work.

That’s exactly what Novartis has done. At this edition of CLO Coffee Club, hosted by Donald H Taylor, hear from Nina Bressler Murphy, Novartis’ Global Head of Enterprise Capability, on how the learning team has contributed to building an inspired, curious, unbossed culture, transforming the organisation globally. We’ll zero in on the business impact, and steps to take to do the same with your team.


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Making curation relevant

David uncovers the not so magnificent seven issues plaguing L&D right now - and how curation might just be a way to solve them. And Rosemary discusses how AstraZeneca has adopted a data-driven approach to managing learning content by assessing relevance at scale.

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Cutting through the noise

NilesNolen spill the beans on the key strategies for any forward-thinking L&D team looking to get clarity on their learning provision. Martin explains how he saved £300k per year through a data led re-alignment of GSK’s leadership and business skills strategy.

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