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Making curation relevant
Took place 9th November @ 11:00 GMT

Donald H Taylor

Donald H Taylor

David Perring

David Perring
Director of Research

Rosemary Hoskins

Rosemary Hoskins
Global Capability Lead

We've all had issues with delivering the most relevant content to our people, right? It's one of the biggest negative consequences of content overload due to inaccurate tagging, shaky skills frameworks and bloated libraries. But there is a way to curate the most relevant content.

Join the latest edition of CLO Coffee Club with Donald H Taylor as we get to the bottom of the relevance question. David Perring will explore the current state of learning content with the latest insights he's garnered as Director of Research at Fosway.

We'll also hear from Rosemary Hoskins, Global Capability Director at AstraZeneca on how the pharmaceutical company has adopted a data-driven approach to managing learning content by assessing relevance at scale.

And in between, there will be two short collaborative workshops on L&D strategy offering a chance for you to network with your fellow CLOs and bounce ideas and takeaways off each other.

And of course, there will be coffee. So save your seat and apply to join CLO Coffee Club to share the buzz.

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Cutting Through the Noise

NilesNolen spill the beans on the key strategies for any forward-thinking L&D team looking to get clarity on their learning provision. Martin explains how he saved £300k per year through a data led re-alignment of GSK’s leadership and business skills strategy.

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