Uber & protecting Excel files

Adam Lacey Dec 19, 2013

Uber, the company that allows you to book a car via a mobile app made the news in the last few weeks as their sales dashboard was leaked to the press. Not only did it show that Uber as a company is doing incredibly well (this article tells you more), it also highlights the importance of protecting your work. Whilst it doesn't look like Uber were using Excel, having the right levels of protection on your Excel files is crucial to a lot of firms.

Password Protecting an Entire Workbook

Password protecting an entire workbook is simpler than most people think. Whilst you can protect various sheets and cells within a workbook from the Review ribbon (Excel 2007/10/13) you can stop anyone you want from even opening a file in the first place unless they have the correct password.

To do this go to FILE ribbon tab, Save As, click on the Tools button at the bottom and choose General Options:

From here you can:

1.     Set a password to open. This will mean a user will need to enter a password before they can view the workbook

2.     Set a password to modify. This means a user can open the file as a read only but will need a password to modify the content. You can also tick the ‘Read-only recommended’ box which will notify any user that does enter the password to modify that they are meant to use this file in a read-only format.

Of course, this doesn’t prevent someone with the password from taking a screenshot but it reduces the amount of people with access to your key info!

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