The mail merge process

Posted on May 10, 2016 by Alan Gurney


Do you often send event invites to your clients? Want to know how to streamline this process while adding personalization for each recipient?

Mail merge is a Microsoft Word feature often used to produce a number of similar documents, including elements from a separate data document (e.g. a database, spreadsheet or Outlook contacts file). 

The list is combined with standard text, usually to produce a letter or invite to a series of different recipients.

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Why it's Just as Important to Learn Word as Excel

Posted on Feb 23, 2015 by Simon Hurst

Admittedly, making a spelling or formatting mistake in Word is unlikely to have the catastrophic consequences that an error in a Microsoft Excel formula can result in. However, there's still a very big difference between being able to use Word, and being able to use Word well. Given how much time individuals and organisations spend creating letters and documents, not knowing how to get the best out of Word can cost you a great deal of time and organisations a lot of money.

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