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Posted on Jun 23, 2017 by Juan D'Achiardi

Fig.1: Desktop Browser Version (Partially Combined) Worldwide Market Share


Our users

From a quick analysis done of our traffic over the past year (May 2016 to May 2017):

  • Chrome clearly comes out as boss with 63% of total sessions.
  • Internet Explorer & Edge follow – not too closely – with 14% (11% IE and 3% for Edge).
  • Non-supported IE versions make up 0.55% of the Filtered total sessions in a year. 


Why even write this?

We hear a lot from large organisations that legacy software and hardware hold them back. For L&D professionals that want to improve people’s working lives, that’s a frustration. During a talk given by Donald Taylor at Learning Technologies, this legacy issue resonated across the auditorium. IT departments don’t always know the full benefits of using certain software or of how up-to-date competitors are. Of course, multi-site setups and high-sensitivity sectors and departments complicate the situation further. This article doesn’t claim to help in all situations!

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Productivity, skills and intelligent learning recommendations

Posted on Jun 15, 2017 by Marc Zao-Sanders


The system supporting skills and careers development is inept and that costs the world trillions. But the future for learning is bright: higher quality, justified, data-driven, technology-enabled, culturally embedded, more of it. That future arrives sooner with useful, relevant, high-quality, fresh, intelligent learning recommendations.

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Body language for active listening

Posted on Nov 28, 2016 by Alan Gurney


Do you often find it hard to understand the messages your colleagues are trying to convey? Perhaps you're not being fully attentive?

An active listener pays full attention to the speaker and ensures they understand the information being delivered. You can’t be distracted by an incoming call or a Facebook status update. You have to be present and in the moment.

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Words matter - choosing the right language

Posted on Jun 20, 2016 by Alan Gurney


Which of these sentences sounds better to you?

a) The best words are short and clear.
b) It’s not advantageous to use elongated and vague words.

The words and phrases you use have a real impact on the readability of your documents and communications. Keep reading and we'll show you four simple ways to improve your writing and explain why the first sentence is better than the second.

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5 things to do at the Learning Technologies Summer Forum 2016

Posted on Jun 09, 2016 by Paolo Lenotti


The Learning Technologies Summer Forum (Tuesday 14 June, Olympia London) is less than a week away. To get you inspired I'm sharing five things to watch out for both before and during the conference. If you're going to LTSF, see you there!

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Solving the productivity puzzle - Free seminar by Filtered at LTSF 2016

Posted on Jun 08, 2016 by Paolo Lenotti

If skills have a major bearing on workforce productivity - especially in developed economies where the majority of employees are knowledge workers - why is it that systemic under-training and inappropriate training methods are commonplace in today's business environment, leading to skills gaps and a decline in productivity?

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24 minutes a week

Posted on Apr 28, 2016 by Marc Zao-Sanders

Research we conducted last year showed that inadequate training leads to skills gaps, reducing company profitability and wider economic growth. Over 2,000 UK workers contributed to that research. 60% claimed they need key workplace skills to perform in their jobs successfully, however only 25% received training on the skills they need. 41% never received any form of training from their employers at all. 85% admitted there is no compulsory training offered at work. (Source: UK workforce 2015: skills gaps and training habits - Filtered).

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Reflections from Learning Technologies and The Learning Awards

Posted on Feb 16, 2016 by Marc Zao-Sanders

It has been a very busy and rewarding start to the month for Filtered. We first attended Learning Technologies (Olympia, London), where we showcased our personalized approach to learning and ran a seminar on today's learners with benchmarking agency Towards Maturity. We then attended the Learning Awards (The Dorchester, London), where - all suited and booted - we were announced double-award winners (read the press release).

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Learning Technologies 2016: the largest L&D show in Europe

Posted on Jan 22, 2016 by Paolo Lenotti

It’s that time of the year again. Learning Technologies, the largest European gathering of L&D professionals, is upon us. As we’ll be attending both days in full force (03-04 February 2016 | Olympia, London), here comes a brief summary of what to expect from the show.

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2016: Consumability, Personalization, Informalisation, Multi-channel

Posted on Nov 17, 2015 by Marc Zao-Sanders

Change is in the air.

There's enormous - maybe unprecedented - change in L&D right now. It stands to reason: cloud services on the ascendancy as technology including bandwidth improvements and 4G; SCORM-constrained LMSs on the descendence; a growing (now near total) consensus that learning must be embedded in work; an awareness of and desire for the vast, mesmerising technology we all experience and enjoy as consumers.

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