Productivity, skills and intelligent learning recommendations

Posted on Jun 15, 2017 by Marc Zao-Sanders


The system supporting skills and careers development is inept and that costs the world trillions. But the future for learning is bright: higher quality, justified, data-driven, technology-enabled, culturally embedded, more of it. That future arrives sooner with useful, relevant, high-quality, fresh, intelligent learning recommendations.

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Write with purpose

Posted on Apr 25, 2017 by Paolo Lenotti



There's so much writing going on at work these days (internal emails, external emails, briefs, presentations, reports, Slack messages etc) and with so many objectives. However, most of this writing falls into two broad categories. We might aim for:

  • focused briefing, providing our readers with what they need to make a decision;
  • or to pass on information, so they're abreast of facts or events. 

Recognising our purpose lets us adapt our content to that purpose, making our writing more focused and more likely to meet our objectives.

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Constructing a logical argument

Posted on Dec 05, 2016 by Alan Gurney



Do you often present business cases in your role? How confident are you when arguing your case?

There are two main ways of constructing a logical argument, inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning. Understanding the difference will help you develop solid arguments and approach complex tasks with confidence.

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Mindful Meetings

Posted on Oct 08, 2015 by Marc Zao-Sanders

Headspace, the meditation and mindfulness startup, raised $34m funding last month from a range of venture capitalists, business bigwigs and even hollywood celebrities. The app now has 3 million users in over 150 countries and is symptomatic of a rise in the popularity of activities intended to bring some calm to the data-laden modern mind.

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6 Benefits of Critical Thinking

Posted on Aug 05, 2015 by Kadie Regan

Critical Thinking is more than just a concept, it is a real-life model upon which you can build successful and efficient problem solving skills, skills that prove highly valuable in the workplace and beyond.

This technique, with its roots in Greek philosophy, is the application of logic to enable better, more reasoned decision-making. It can revolutionise your everyday life, by improving how you interpret opinions, rationalisations and problem solving practices.

Critical Thinking is a system that is often misjudged as criticism, but rather it focuses on the ability to follow logical steps and arrive at a decisive and appropriate conclusion.


With some careful and structured training, you too can become a more informed, reasoned decision maker.

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