Whose data is it anyway?

Posted on Jun 20, 2018 by Chris Littlewood

A question that has been bubbling away since the early days of the world wide web has been thrown into the open by the Facebook scandal. Who owns our data?

For many years the question has been asked by idealists and internet pioneers. Facebook’s poor decisions have thrown it into the open. The implicit transaction - I give you my data in return for access - is now under explicit scrutiny.

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What we learnt from teaching 1 million consumers

Posted on Apr 22, 2018 by Adam Lacey

Answer: People buy online courses but they rarely complete them.

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How do skills affect productivity?

Posted on Apr 17, 2018 by Chris Littlewood

Since the financial crisis, there has been a steady drip of gloomy news on UK labour productivity. Most recently an encouraging rise was overshadowed by better performance in the Eurozone, US and Japan. But why should we care? The national debate concentrates on national actions: improving transport links, extending mobile coverage, or changes to regulation to increase access to capital or foster competition. These are not levers most of us can pull in our jobs and our organisations.

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6 ways to use motion in your UI

Posted on Mar 30, 2018 by Aaron Krohn

Over the past 10 years, motion has become an essential layer of interface design. It is often the difference between a good and great User Interface (UI). Its rise in importance can be attributed to the dawn of the smartphone, touch-screen era. The direct success to this idea is that it offers a way to manipulate content and brings a physicality to design. Interact with a website that doesn’t meet our understanding of how it should work, and it breaks a users flow. This is why it is important to bring consistency to an interface.

For this reas

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How does a learning company launch a learning initiative?

Posted on Mar 09, 2018 by Rob MacAllister

We all think we’re good at our jobs... But how do we quantify and share our knowledge in a way that provides useful and actionable insight?

We’ve been working a lot with clients to successfully launch globalfilter in their organisations. One practical way we've been able to deliver meaningful advice is through our own experience rolling the platform out in-house. Below are 6 actionable tips that we have learnt, the challenges we’ve encountered and how we are maintaining engagement and usage. I'll be sharing our learnings (for better or for worse) fortnightly via LinkedIn and would love to hear your thoughts/ queries/ questions.

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The Launch Playbook - How to Launch a New Learning Initiative

Posted on Feb 21, 2018 by Adam Lacey

When you are launching a new learning initiative at your organisation there are loads of things to consider. Like any big project, knowing where to start is half the problem.

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Posted on Feb 20, 2018 by Marc Zao-Sanders

Share. Relax, be open. Advance the world, not just us.

That’s one of the official behaviours we encourage here. And it’s one of the reasons we launched globalfilter for L&D professionals in September last year, to advance the understanding of learning issues amongst learning professionals. That went well: 2,000 learning professionals have already signed up for the free service. So today we’re augmenting that with a dedicated Slack instance.

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Topics: Learning

Not AI

Posted on Feb 19, 2018 by Marc Zao-Sanders


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Introducing magpie

Posted on Feb 19, 2018 by Chris Littlewood

magpie is the stack of algorithms that underpin our learning recommendation engine, globalfilter.

Why ‘magpie’?

Magpies are famous in folklore for seeking out glittering content for their nests. They are also intelligent birds, in fact by some measures one of the most intelligent of all animals. So it seemed to fit our intelligent algorithms, tasked with seeking out golden content for our learners.

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