Marc Zao-Sanders Feb 20, 2018

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Share. Relax, be open. Advance the world, not just us.

That’s one of the official behaviours we encourage here. And it’s one of the reasons we launched globalfilter for L&D professionals in September last year, to advance the understanding of learning issues amongst learning professionals. That went well: 2,000 learning professionals have already signed up for the free service. So today we’re augmenting that with a dedicated Slack instance.


Slack is good. I sampled Slack for the first time a couple of years ago, with a heavy dose of cynicism. But I’ve been won over by its lovely UX and robustness. Slack will be familiar to you but to those that aren’t it’s a communications software, like Skype, but for communities like businesses. We’re introducing it for the global learning community to see if it takes off. We will not unduly steer the conversations towards us or our products. The idea is to provide a fertile ground for enlightened people with a passion for learning to exchange ideas and sew new seeds. We’re launching with just three channels: AI, content-and-curation, meet-ups and other. You’ll see some provocative questions to get the discussions going in all four channels.


Live sessions. We’ll be actively using it ourselves through the week but we’ll also make sure we’re in attendance every Tuesday at 4pm UK time. Yes, that’s later today! It’s not a webinar. We’ll all just be typing, which is more comfortable / easier for some people. We are advocates of comfort and ease. And it’s open. So feel free to share this article with people who might find it useful.

Join in seconds by clicking this link.

I’m there right now - hope to see you there too.



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We’ve recently launched a free new community for L&D professionals on Slack. Every Tuesday we’ll be holding live discussions at 4 PM GMT on topics including virtual classrooms, content curation, artificial intelligence and more.

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