Common Grammar Mistakes We All Make

Paolo Lenotti Jan 07, 2015

Most businesspeople don't write well enough.

The list of people to blame for this is extensive. Advertising experts clog up the Internet with their buzzwords. Legal eagles have diluted the power of words. Control-freak CEOs have stripped away every touch of individuality. However, the biggest slice of blame must be handed to ourselves.

Now the mission is to buck this trend and stand out at work by producing effective writing that deserves to be read. So, how are you going to achieve that?

We launch today a series of language tips (see the infographic below) to support your day-to-day writing. And of course, you can sign up to our Business Writing course. The course is full of advice, tools and techniques to write clear, convincing, error-free and context-specific business communications. Most importantly, it will equip you to write with confidence exactly what you think.

And in case you find our first series of grammar tips too simple, you'd be surprised by how many businesspeople (colleagues, clients... no names, of course) still get them wrong.

Enjoy the infographic! And please share it by using the code at the bottom of the page.


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