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Hands-Free Learning

Posted on Nov 10, 2017 by Sam Hennessy

Voice interface will power the next generation of learning apps.

We are entering a new era. An era where we can talk to our computers and they understand not only what we say but what we mean. Consumers are flocking to use these cutting-edge voice interfaces. They are also hungry for new apps that use them. Personal learning and self-development is a huge opportunity that is well placed to flourish in this new era.

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The Case for Chatbots in Corporate Learning

Posted on Sep 28, 2017 by Sam Hennessy

Raise your hand if you love corporate training 

Most employees hate the learning they get asked to do at work. Employees give corporate learning a net promoter score of -31. Even the learning professionals hate the software they use. They give that a net promoter score of -8. The vast majority of learning professionals don’t intend to move to a new platform. They don’t like what they have but they don’t see a better alternative.

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Is Specialisation Making Your Software Team Unhealthy?

Posted on May 05, 2015 by Sam Hennessy


TUNNEL By Ousseynou Cissé

You are building a new web app. You’ve chosen to build the front-end and back-ends as separate applications. You only have a small team of three devs.  They have asked you, as the manager, if they can have one person work on each part of the system. The database layer, the REST layer, and the front-end app. They say they would each not have to learn so much (most of the tech is new to the team) and that it will help them not get in each other’s way. They also say they can be more productive as they will know everything about the one area they would be working on.

This seems reasonable and the statements do sound logical.

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