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Paolo has spent almost a decade in London but originally hails from Verona, Italy. He joined us in June 2013 as Head of Marketing, after working at Guardian News & Media. He's a marketing maestro with a knack for numbers, and dreams of becoming the next Jack Donaghy. He also loves football and splits his allegiances between his local team Hellas Verona and AC Milan.

Write with purpose

Posted on Apr 25, 2017 by Paolo Lenotti



There's so much writing going on at work these days (internal emails, external emails, briefs, presentations, reports, Slack messages etc) and with so many objectives. However, most of this writing falls into two broad categories. We might aim for:

  • focused briefing, providing our readers with what they need to make a decision;
  • or to pass on information, so they're abreast of facts or events. 

Recognising our purpose lets us adapt our content to that purpose, making our writing more focused and more likely to meet our objectives.

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The advantages of the cloud

Posted on Aug 02, 2016 by Paolo Lenotti


The modern working environment is changing and the tools we use have adapted to modern challenges. Our organisations have become global and complex. Our colleagues are spread around the world. We are more mobile, more dependent on technological competence and less on geography. The need to collaborate on documents and communicate in real-time wherever we are has never been greater.

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Three great uses of Excel

Posted on Jul 05, 2016 by Paolo Lenotti

Microsoft Excel is still business critical. 30 years since its launch, it's more popular than ever: 1 billion people use it, with workers in finance spending a third of their day in the program.

However Excel can be overwhelming. Today we share three key features we think you should focus on. Give them your best shot!

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5 things to do at the Learning Technologies Summer Forum 2016

Posted on Jun 09, 2016 by Paolo Lenotti


The Learning Technologies Summer Forum (Tuesday 14 June, Olympia London) is less than a week away. To get you inspired I'm sharing five things to watch out for both before and during the conference. If you're going to LTSF, see you there!

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Solving the productivity puzzle - Free seminar by Filtered at LTSF 2016

Posted on Jun 08, 2016 by Paolo Lenotti

If skills have a major bearing on workforce productivity - especially in developed economies where the majority of employees are knowledge workers - why is it that systemic under-training and inappropriate training methods are commonplace in today's business environment, leading to skills gaps and a decline in productivity?

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10 tools to improve your productivity using Office 365

Posted on Apr 19, 2016 by Paolo Lenotti

Image source: Microsoft website


With the range of tasks that modern office professionals undertake ever increasing, it can be tough to know what to prioritise and easy to get bogged down with the amount of tasks you need to accomplish. 

With Office 365, Microsoft have introduced a number of tools and functions to help you work and collaborate with colleagues more effectively, creating an infinitely more streamlined working environment.

At Filtered we champion productivity, so we thought it best to share our top 10 features of Office 365 that could help you and your team work more efficiently and increase your productivity as a result:

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Learning Technologies 2016: the largest L&D show in Europe

Posted on Jan 22, 2016 by Paolo Lenotti

It’s that time of the year again. Learning Technologies, the largest European gathering of L&D professionals, is upon us. As we’ll be attending both days in full force (03-04 February 2016 | Olympia, London), here comes a brief summary of what to expect from the show.

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Re-Humanizing EdTech Narratives

Posted on Sep 24, 2015 by Paolo Lenotti

Today I'd like to share my views on the never-ending scepticism that surrounds online learning. And please don't get me wrong, sceptics are good for our industry. Actually any industry. Especially when they're knowledgeable and help stir a debate.

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Learn Excel: How to protect your workbook

Posted on Mar 02, 2015 by Paolo Lenotti


If you wish to learn Excel inside-out, I'd recommend to go over some key principles that will let you understand first and foremost whether a spreadsheet is the most appropriate tool for your job, and then how to turn it into a dynamic, shared piece of work.

When it comes to the latter, I'd encourage you to work collaboratively, share ownership and suggest review to maximize results and turn your Excel spreadsheets into powerful, recyclable tools, as opposed to one-off, isolated pieces of information. Especially if it takes so much effort to create or analyse a spreadsheet, why do it all over again next time? After nearly two years at Filtered, and being involved with spreadsheets every day, this is possibly the best advice I can give to anyone looking to improve their Microsoft Excel knowledge.

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Common Grammar Mistakes We All Make

Posted on Jan 07, 2015 by Paolo Lenotti

Most businesspeople don't write well enough.

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