100 Productivity Hacks

Marc Zao-Sanders Nov 26, 2018

We could all be more productive. Between the daily deluge of digital distractions and our own bad habits and human fallibility, there is probably room for improvement somewhere. Thousands of articles, videos, tips and hacks have been offered by hundreds of experts. So how to separate the signal from the noise, and adopt practices that actually make a tangible difference to you?

We brought some method to the madness. We scoured hundreds of online articles to build a list of the 100 most frequently cited tips. We then consolidated a long list and ranked them to produce the Definitive Top 100 Productivity Hacks.


About Marc Zao-Sanders
Marc started his career in strategy. He then applied the skills learnt there to a number of small businesses. Over the course of this period he began to realise the shortage of basic business skills in the workplace and wanted to do something about it. And so the idea of Filtered was born. Marc is a co-Founder and the CEO.
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