10 Statistics That Demonstrate the Importance of E-learning

Chris Kyriacou Oct 22, 2014

To celebrate World Statistics day earlier this week, we’ve decided to put together a list of statistics we feel best demonstrate the importance of e-learning.


Below is a ranking of the most influential e-learning statistics that express the benefits of online training for individuals and within the workplace. Tweet us your favourite statistic @FilteredCourses and we’ll be happy to retweet.

10) The US and Europe account for over 70% of the global e-learning industry.

9) In a survey of HR managers, 12% listed “not enough training” as the top reason for employees leaving.

8) E-Learning is generally shorter than classroom training on the same subject by between 25-60%.

7) Enterprise Survey Results state that over 41% percent of Fortune 500 companies now use some form of e-learning to instruct employees.

6) Self-study e-learning (asynchronous) is on the rise now accounting for 15% of all training delivered.

5) E-Learning is also eco-friendly. Studies conducted by Britain’s Open University have found that e-learning consumes 90% less energy than traditional courses. The amount of CO2 emissions is also reduced by 85%.

4) E-Learning is proven to increase knowledge retention by 25% to 60%.

3) E-Learning students have more control over their learning process and can better understand the material, leading to a 60% faster learning curve, compared to instructor-led training.

2) Companies who use e-learning tools and strategies have the potential to boost productivity by 50%.

1) Companies who offer best practice e-learning and on-the-job training generate around 26% more revenue per employee.


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