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Define success, deliver it

The success of your initiative is in safe hands. Enterprise customers receive dedicated points of contact for implementation and customer success so you get the best out of our team. We offer:

  • An iterative, consultative launch process with no self-configuration required
  • Online and face-to-face events to cultivate your network of champions
  • Playbooks, templates and messaging support for communications

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Multi-channel engagement campaigns

We bring B2C digital marketing techniques to B2B customer success: branded, personalised campaigns that tap into what your people really care about and transform your internal communications capability, delivered through the smart LXP. Our messages routinely achieve 80% open rates and 40% click-through rates. Send these campaigns across email and MS Teams:

  • Activation and reactivation with inspiring content
  • Functionality to help you set and fulfil learning goals
  • Insights to track impact and measure progress

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amplify - multichannel engagement campaigns


Change your relationship with the business

Our data science and success teams help you advance your strategic business transformation goals: for the organisation as a whole, for your learning and change functions and for individuals. Our data is packaged to answer specific questions through quarter reviews that cover:

  • How your skills gaps line up with motivations and preferences
  • ROI from your existing content vendors and internal content
  • Unexploited drivers for change in your organisation

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amplify - marketing automation

Marketing automation technology

We’ve curated the best technology to support personalised marketing and wrapped it in templated campaigns that are easier to understand and use than the software as-is.

amplify - teams

MS Teams integration

We can simultaneously target the same users across email and through proactive messages in MS Teams, taking your campaigns to wherever the opportunity for a meaningful moment lies.

amplify - industry-leading

Industry leading reporting

Most of our clients import Filtered data into internal reporting warehouses or third party learning record stores. But for day-to-day monitoring we provide live dashboards.

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