100 Excel Tips
By Marc Zao-Sanders

Enhancing the data capabilities of a workforce is one of today’s top priorities for Boards, CEOs and senior business leaders around the world.

Data skills are now essential for almost everyone, not just specialists like business analysts and data scientists. There is almost unanimous agreement that data skills are important, but not everyone is doing much or even anything about it. In particular, HR leaders need strong data skills in order to be able to choose data over no data and good data over poor data. Lifting an entire company’s data skills is a business transformation more and more at the forefront of CEO’s minds: data skills underpin good business decision making all the way through the firm. 

The most common way that most of us come into contact with data is through Microsoft Excel. Yet despite being used by a billion knowledge workers, Excel's full capabilities are still poorly understood by the vast majority of people.

Rather than add yet another Excel course or article to the world’s vast collection, we wanted to do something substantial and different. So we reviewed articles written by Excel experts and combined this with aggregated data from thousands of our users to compile a list of the 100 most important Excel functions, features, tips, tricks and hacks, ordered from 1 down to 100 by utility. The infographic went viral on LinkedIn, resulting in hundreds of thousands of views.


This is one of many hundreds of pieces of content that we have either created or hand-curated and added to our learning recommendation engine, magpie, which we provide to our corporate clients. If you are an HR or L&D professional, you can sign up for it for free here

Incidentally, we wrote this HBR article about how to choose which Excel skills to hone first using the same data set (and with some good old Excel analysis). It’s an excellent place to start.