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Marc started his career in strategy. He then applied the skills learnt there to a number of small businesses including Pure Potential and Over the course of this period he began to realise the shortage of basic business skills in the work place and wanted to do something about it. And so the idea of Filtered was born. Marc is now Filtered's managing director.

LinkedIn is 92% boring

Posted on Jul 13, 2017 by Marc Zao-Sanders

LinkedIn’s feed is boring and could be improved by toning down promos and likes, and introducing an easy model (User-System-Content) for evaluating recommender systems in general. Like 40% of LinkedIn users, I’m on it every day. LinkedIn has a monopoly on public CVs which are useful for lots of reasons. And many of the articles are interesting. But the rest – epitomised by the activity feed – is dull. No wonder LinkedIn is one of the least sticky social media sites.

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Productivity, skills and intelligent learning recommendations

Posted on Jun 15, 2017 by Marc Zao-Sanders


The system supporting skills and careers development is inept and that costs the world trillions. But the future for learning is bright: higher quality, justified, data-driven, technology-enabled, culturally embedded, more of it. That future arrives sooner with useful, relevant, high-quality, fresh, intelligent learning recommendations.

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24 minutes a week

Posted on Apr 28, 2016 by Marc Zao-Sanders

Research we conducted last year showed that inadequate training leads to skills gaps, reducing company profitability and wider economic growth. Over 2,000 UK workers contributed to that research. 60% claimed they need key workplace skills to perform in their jobs successfully, however only 25% received training on the skills they need. 41% never received any form of training from their employers at all. 85% admitted there is no compulsory training offered at work. (Source: UK workforce 2015: skills gaps and training habits - Filtered).

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Reflections from Learning Technologies and The Learning Awards

Posted on Feb 16, 2016 by Marc Zao-Sanders

It has been a very busy and rewarding start to the month for Filtered. We first attended Learning Technologies (Olympia, London), where we showcased our personalized approach to learning and ran a seminar on today's learners with benchmarking agency Towards Maturity. We then attended the Learning Awards (The Dorchester, London), where - all suited and booted - we were announced double-award winners (read the press release).

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2016: Consumability, Personalization, Informalisation, Multi-channel

Posted on Nov 17, 2015 by Marc Zao-Sanders

Change is in the air.

There's enormous - maybe unprecedented - change in L&D right now. It stands to reason: cloud services on the ascendancy as technology including bandwidth improvements and 4G; SCORM-constrained LMSs on the descendence; a growing (now near total) consensus that learning must be embedded in work; an awareness of and desire for the vast, mesmerising technology we all experience and enjoy as consumers.

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Mindful Meetings

Posted on Oct 08, 2015 by Marc Zao-Sanders

Headspace, the meditation and mindfulness startup, raised $34m funding last month from a range of venture capitalists, business bigwigs and even hollywood celebrities. The app now has 3 million users in over 150 countries and is symptomatic of a rise in the popularity of activities intended to bring some calm to the data-laden modern mind.

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Reflections From Learning Live 2015

Posted on Sep 11, 2015 by Marc Zao-Sanders

If you attended Learning Live this week, I hope that you had a productive time and enjoyed it as much as I did.

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UK Budget: workforce training still out of the picture

Posted on Mar 24, 2015 by Marc Zao-Sanders

With the General Election just round the corner, last week’s Budget gave us an important insight into the Government’s priorities.  For SMEs there was quite a lot to be enthusiastic about. But more should be planned for upskilling the UK workforce.

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What is a 2x2 Matrix 4?

Posted on Aug 20, 2014 by Marc Zao-Sanders

Love // axes // examples // decisions

I use 2x2 matrices a lot when I’m struggling with a problem, concept etc. Super simple, super effective. I love it. The 2x2 happens to be very much in line with Filtered’s philosophy of maximising impact through minimising volume. But this isn’t about Filtered, this is about the 2x2.

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Why We Chose a Single-word Domain (

Posted on May 21, 2014 by Marc Zao-Sanders

We offer online training in a range of disciplines from Excel to Web Design to DIY. Our unique selling point is that we take a number of measures to reduce the required body of learning for the user, thereby increasing the level of engagement, completion rates and such. Last year we decided to build a new platform (from which you read this blog) and so we began the search for a new brand and url to somehow capture what we do in a marketable and classy way.

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